Greetings from the Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center -- SCARC, for short.

So, what exactly is SCARC?

Well, let’s put it this way: you probably have a filing cabinet at home. Maybe you keep the title to your car in there, or maybe your apartment’s lease, or even your pay stubs for the last seven years (as suggested by US Internal Revenue Service). Well, the University has to keep all these things too. Although one of our reasons for being is to house University administrative and departmental records, we also collect anything relating to OSU that we can get our hands on. Archived materials include photographs, memorabilia, yearbooks, correspondence, manuscripts, films, audio recordings, and so on. OSU, its alumni, and the Corvallis, Oregon community have been pretty good to us, and thanks to their help we have collections covering nearly every aspect of the University.

But that's not all! SCARC also has holdings that pertain to the history of science and technology; the historical records of OSU and papers of its prominent faculty members; cultural and ethnic groups in Oregon; and natural resources in the Pacific Northwest, especially agriculture and forestry.

So why do some of the photos say "OSU Archives" instead of "SCARC"?

Long story...

The Special Collections & Archives Research Center was formed in 2011 with the merger of the Oregon State University Archives and the OSU Libraries Special Collections. The OSU Archives was founded in 1961 with the intention of acquiring and preserving historical materials relating to the University. The department was expanded in 1966 to include one of the first records management programs of its kind. After several locational and organizational changes, the University Archives joined the University Libraries on September 1, 2000. A quarter century after the University Archives opened its doors, the OSU Libraries Special Collections was established as a repository for the University’s growing rare book and manuscript collections and officially received its first major accession that same year. Over the following twenty-five years, the department grew to include a score of collections documenting the life and work of scientists and historians.

Today, the Special Collections & Archives Research Center lives on the 5th floor of the Valley Library, housing more than 1,000 archival collections and tens of thousands of rare books and fine bindings. SCARC is committed to promoting public access to the department’s holdings through tours, educational opportunities, and community outreach and continues to support and develop a robust, publicly-available web presence including Oregon Explorer, the University History portal, and Linus Pauling Online, among other resources.

Basically, we’re still like one big filing cabinet.

What is SCARC doing on Flickr?

It seemed like the hip thing to do.

Also, we want the world to see what we have. When we began using Flickr, we primarily focused on tutorials or tours of our facilities. Now we're dedicating ourselves to putting up as much random good stuff as we can! Check back you’ll see some great things, like a portrait of the graduating class of 1870 to the 1942 Rose Bowl schedule.

Sure, we already have a web site and digital archive, but Flickr is just more fun. With Flickr, we welcome your comments. Know something we don't? Make a comment. Want to know some more specifics? Make a comment. Want to make a new friend? Make a comment.

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