My pictures have been a documentation of my ordinary life. They have become a photo diary with some creative inspirations in the mix. A few years ago, I wanted to join a 365-type group and so have since taken at least one "selfie" every day since. Often pressed for time, I find now that there are an inordinate number of pictures of me in the mix. I am confident though that in the future I will appreciate the nostalgia of these safely-stored life-story photos. Already I find it fascinating how I've changed over time.


Few of my photos are “shopped” or artificially edited beyond occasional cropping and an occasional edit aside from in-camera special effects since these intentionally occur at the time the photo is taken and not in post digital-development. I realize that Flickr began and caters to the professionally-striving photographer and I appreciate that. I take and keep my photos from a pleasure and hobby perspective. I appreciate excellent candid captures; my own and others. I feel strongly that a truthful and straightforward capture manifests the sincerest art of photography. I am not a photographic artist, but admire those here on Flickr who are. Unedited photos outnumber “shopped” or edited photos in my Favorites because I feel altering a photo moves the picture from the realm of the art of photography to the realm of photography as art. Mostly I save photos in my favorites because they are something that I might one day like to replicate in some fashion myself and some because I have an appreciation for the male form.


Many of my photos have at least the persons face and almost all have a date stamp. The date stamp sometimes detracts from the artistic value of some of the creative inspirations, but have you ever tried to keep track of 70,000 digital photos and keep those photos organized for a period of two decades 5 to 50 photos at a time? Over the decades this amounts to several computers, hundreds of digital backups, and at least a dozen different hard drives.

That brings me to my personal time-investment in Flickr as a photo site. I joined Flickr in 2007 and since have spent countless hours uploading, organizing, and storing my photos for my personal posterity. Since 2007 other internet digital photo sites have grown such as Google+/Picasa, Facebook, Instagram…and probably countless others, but the investment I have in Flickr is not transportable.


For instance, Google annoyingly uploads every photo I have taken and or stored and now has 175,000 of my 60,000 photos. That math does not add up. I imagine that means there are at least 3 redundancies for every photo I have…now how many months of intensive time investment do you think it would take me to find, delete, edit…et cetera all of those? I haven’t really seen a strong editor/organizer in Google+ photos either. Facebook is the most social of all and makes no bones about its commercial enterprise I think that is one reason I avoid it. Not that I am naïve about Yahoo/Flickr, Google of course and others being in business for the purpose of profit.


Again, none of these “investments” are transportable at this point. For this reason I feel bound to Flickr’s fate and roll with Flickr’s changes. Even if I were to use Bulkr to download all 60,000 photos I have at this time on Flickr (which would still take weeks), I would lose the people I follow on a daily basis along with comments, stats, titles, albums, descriptions, expressed opinions, and not to mention the more than 500 different websites I have found that make use of the photos and images I have posted as creative commons. About once a month or so I’ll do a Google search and find websites, blogs, and articles that have used my images and I admit I get a little bit of a thrill out of it. I save these on Pinterest so I might be able to find them later. And these are just the ones I find! At this time I have over 22,000,000 views tallied according to my Flickr stats aggregate and I know that most likely 99% of these “views” are no more than photos of mine that show up among hundreds of others within internet searches. I sometimes mention to others the 22 million views and joke that I might be unknowingly followed in some small community in a remote part of the world somewhere.


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