I like taking pictures of football, but I find modern pictures of footballers boring. I'm hoping that in ten or twenty or thirty years time, stuff like my stuff will be far more interesting and relevant than the latest close-cropped long-lens background-a-blur photo of a celebrity footballer kicking a football. The papers are obsessed with this stuff and I just don't understand why.

This strange little hobby started on a holiday at the World Cup and has since taken me around the early stages of the FA cup, to numerous random non-league midweek games, and to the Eternal Derbi in Belgrade. Getting a press pass for that and watching the amazing crowd scenes from the running track was probably the most incredible experience of my life.

I spend most of my spare time watching Fulham lose, except in the summer when I spend it watching Kent County Cricket Club lose. I love doing both.

I have two Pentax SLRs and shoot most of my stuff with an old 50mm Pentax prime lens because it's built like a tank, and manual focus is fun, and it can see in the dark.

I've had some photos published (Cricinfo, Jadransport, various fanzines, blogs and programmes) and have done bits and pieces for Backpage Images who are smashing folks taking on the mighty agencies and producing some top notch stuff. If there's anything I can do for you please message me on here. I have a website which I keep meaning to update - www.terraceimages.com.

This stuff doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to capture what's special about these daft sports that so many of us adore. The photos are rarely perfect but I like looking at them and I hope other people do too.

This one's my favourite. Basingstoke had just won a penalty shootout at the end of a completely thrilling 2-2 FA Cup replay against Worcester. It's not quite in focus (it's hard outrunning a pitch invasion!) but I don't care.

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    getty says:

    "Jon is football, cricket, cycling and now photography mad. The man's OBSESSED! There's hardly a day goes by now without Jon uploading tons of cracking, beautiifully observed shots. He's especially good with people in or surrounding sport. I think he prefers spectators rather than what goes on on the pitch, mind.

    He has a very realistic reportage style and enjoys adding a splash of colour. Personally, I think Jon will succeed in making a real commercial go of his photography – in fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but he's already had several of his shots used and published. Jon is certainly one to watch."

    September 29th, 2006

Jon Hall
May 2006