Orange Snowman, my lifelong dream, has been a Florida small business since June 2005. Orange Snowman is driven by a vision that comes deep within my core values. I believe customers, more than anything else, are looking for a delightful interaction. In my personal and business life I strive for the same thing: to create memorable experiences.

I had the fortune of being educated by some great old-school New York graphic designers, photographers, painters, sculptors, and printmakers of the 80’s. I studied at Rutgers University Newark, my proximity to New York City "the greatest city in the world" exposed me to a world of Art & Design like few others. I worked for multiple boutique agencies such as Pentagram Design and Walker Group/CNI. Early in my career the first personal computers were introduced. I would ask the computer lady at my job if I can play around with the machine during her lunch break? I also remember paying a $100 to rent a Mac from a fellow designer friend, so I can learn to use a computer. Eventually my small investment paid off and I was eventually hired by my former school, Rutgers University Newark, to teach computer-aided design. I got so good at designing with this new medium that I even won a competition by the MOMA that featured my postcard design, true story!
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Orange Snowman
November 2006
Stuart, FL, USA
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