My name is Mario Pena and am a photographer from Spain who is currently working as Chief Business Developer Officer at (

I take photos of all I can. I'm also an Internet activist for freedom of speech and open access to culture, and that's the main reason I share most of my pictures with a (cc) Creative Commons License with the by-sa terms. Some of the pictures I post might include nudity and be NSFW. If you have any issue with nudity do not watch my pictures. You might also contact me if you need any clarification on this.

NOTICE: If you want to invite me to post pictures to a group, make sure I can join it or invite me to it BEFORE.

Also know what to expect if you follow me and expect me to follow you too. I have the following rules but there might be exceptions:

1.- I believe that sharing is sharing, so if you just show but don't share, meaning you don't allow copies of your images, I might not add you. Sorry about that. If you still want me to add you, please drop me a line and let's interact.

2.- I usually mark as friends only people who not only share, but also use Creative Commons licenses.

3.- I expect some quality and appreciable number of images in order to follow. So just low quality pictures or web pictures will probably not be enough for me to follow you. Again, write me and we'll talk.

4.- If you have doubts about what sharing means to me vs just showing or the use of Creative Commons licenses, I'll be happy to discuss about it.

5.- I don't have specific images only for friends of familty. All I upload are for all to watch.

Safe Creative #oneras

I am the director and owner of Ningunterra:

Please check to find out if this could be useful for you.

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  • I Love 14 by Bichuas (E. Carton)
  • 37608 and 37259 Sellafield B by Dan - DB Photography
  • 66426 @ Acton Bridge Daventry to Coatbridge by Dan - DB Photography
  • Despedida de Martín Martínez by condedelamaza
  • Despedida de Martín Martínez by condedelamaza

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    Bichuas (E. Carton) says:

    "Probablemente no sea la persona más objetiva, pero......
    Quiero agradecer todo lo que ha hecho por mi, es el que me ha enseñado todo en fotografía y sabe perfectamente lo duro que es eso. Por todo lo que ha tenido que aguantarme, y lo que le queda!!! :D"

    February 7th, 2008

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    laian says:

    "Fotografo de vocación, haya donde vaya va su camara, pues, nunca se sabe donde puede estar ese momento. Realmente un fotografo a tener en cuenta. Asi que, responsables de recursos humanos de PlayBoy y Penthouse, llamar a su puerta!"

    October 19th, 2006

Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería
January 2005
San Sebastian
San Sebastian, Spain
I am:
Male and Taken
Community and Business Developer at Safe Creative