I'm an academic and accidental photographer who first started using Flickr as a way of getting images on my blog. I use the on-the-run identity not because I'm a criminal or anything like that but because of the way I use Flickr - and that's about trying to capture what has meaning to me as I go about my daily life and travels. I see things I like and I just click. I don't waste time setting up shots, cropping, photoshopping or anything like that (although I appreciate it when others do that). My approach is like a drive-by shooting, click'n'go.

There's a bit of post-hoc organisation going on too, as I start putting things in sets - but that's just a way of understanding the kinds of things I end up shooting. I've always done some tagging because I'm interested in how that works and I've recently been a bit more systematic about titles and labels.

In the course of my academic work, which is concerned with the interface between new technology, literacy and learning I've written a couple of things about Flickr and I'll be putting in some links to these in the near future.

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