Welcome to the Loudoun County, Virginia Office of Mapping and Geographic Information map gallery! For more information, please visit our website. For notification of updates to our map gallery (beginning September 2011), please follow our Twitter feed.

This map gallery is a work in progress.

Map Gallery Questions and Answers:

Q: How do I view a larger version of the map?

A: Right click on the map and choose the link for the size you'd like to view (hint: the "Original" size is of the highest resolution).

Q: How do I download a copy of the map?

A: After choosing the size to view (see above question), click the download link to save the map to your computer in JPEG format.

Q: Can I get a hardcopy of a map?

A: The Loudoun County Office of Mapping and Geographic Information distributes hardcopies of public maps for the cost of reproduction. For more information, please contact our office at the number or e-mail below.

Q: Is there another way for me to view Loudoun County GIS data online?

A: Yes, through the Loudoun County Online Mapping System, which is updated on a regular basis.

Q: How do I tell when a map was made?

A: The map number indicates the year the map was created (ex: map number 2008-123 was created in 2008). For additional information, see the map notes on each map.

Q: Why don’t you have map XXXX-XXXX in the Map Gallery?

A: Some maps may be awaiting an update; others may not have yet been converted for inclusion in our online map gallery. If you don’t see a map that interests you, please don't hesitate to contact us to ask.

Q: A road was just built behind my house, and I don’t see it on your map. Why?

A: Maps are static. If a feature doesn't appear on a map, the map was made before the geographic data was collected. For more information about how current a data layer used in a map is, please see our metadata. Also, be aware of our data <a href="http:%2

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