Since 1978 i'm taking pictures with black and white materials. Being an Olympus-fan i'm using a OM-4,a OM-2n, a OM-40 and a OM-10 with a 1.4/50, a 4/35-70, a 4/200 (all Zuikos), a Tokina 3.5/35-105, a Kiron 4/80-200 and a Cosina 2.8/28. There are also a Winder 2, two Motor 1 with 18v-Grip, 250 Back, two T32 with Bounce-Grip. Allways with me is a Olympus AF10Super. The Films i'm using are Fomapan (100, 400) and Classic Pan 400 (now discontinued). Developers are normaly Fomadon LQN, A49, APH09 and Promicrol.

For the prints there are Fomaspeed Variant papers, Tetenal Centrabrom and Dokumol or N113 developer, fix is Tetenal Superfix or A300.

Due to difficulties in finding a photographer for my daughters wedding, i decided to get me a DSLR anyway.So i got me an Olympus E-300 with the kit-zooms (old 14-45 and new 40-150), with which i produced decent results. Now i'm in film as well as in digital-photography.

Updated my equipment with a Sigma 1.8/24mm and HLD-2 battery grip + an Olympus E-1 and a Zuiko 50-200.

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