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Oliver Wu | 莫方
Worked as a graphic art editor/editor-in-chief on elementary school/middleschool science textbook for eight years in Taiwan, and gained a MFA in Graphic Design in the States, he is now back to Taiwan and works as a freelance photographer and graphic designer.
鑽研攝影十多年,作品見諸華盛頓郵報、美國教科書封面等,也數度被知名攝影設計網站Smashing Magazine和Flickr Blog等引為優美攝影作品範例。

Photography Award 獲獎
Before the Closing Ceremony 閉幕典禮前
2009.08 Excellent Piece Award, World Games Photography Competition 世運攝影比賽 佳作

Photography Experiences 攝影經歷
- Photographer for Lovewedding Consultant 琭薾琈婚禮顧問公司 合作攝影師

- Invited Photographer, Bitan Firework Festival 碧潭花火節攝影
- Contract Photographer, MOOK Publishing Co. 墨刻出版特約攝影
- Photographer for MK II Watches | MK II 腕表攝影

- Judge, The Beauty of Nan Yuan Resort Farm Photography Competition 南元之美攝影比賽評審
- Volunteered as the photographer for 2009 Hope Parade世界夢想嘉年華攝影義工 - (Photo Set 相片集)
- Volunteered as the photographer for 2009 International Forum on Sustainable Development | 2009永續發展國際論壇攝影義工 - (Photo Set 相片集)
- Photographer for 2009 樂天(Rakuten) Conference攝影 - (Photo Set 相片集)
- Photographer for X-DoRM Demonstration Seminar 電子文件控管系統X-DoRM發表會攝影 - (Photo Set 相片集)

- Volunteered as the photographer for 2008 Hope Parade世界夢想嘉年華攝影義工 - (Photo Set 相片集)

2004-: Moderator for www.dcview.com/ 數位視野 評議委員

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Chinese New Year Fireworks @ Baguashan Great Buddha 八卦山大佛新春祈福法會煙火 2010 Bitan Firework Festival 碧潭花火節 Chinese Tea Time @ Maokong 貓空喝茶 Shihfen Waterfall 十分瀑布 Taipei for Earth Hour 2010 台北為地球關燈1小時 Sunrise at Laomei Green Algal Reef, Shihmen 老梅石槽日出
Lanterns in the Sky 天燈騰空 Happy 2010!!! Happy 2010!!! Solitude 獨立 Taiwan Cherry 緋寒櫻桃 Little Swiss at Night 小瑞士之夜
2009 Miaoli Waterdancing Festival Fireworks 苗栗水舞嘉年華煙火 Water Lodge 水上小木屋 Full Bloom 怒放 Half Lotus 半荷 Solar Eclipse Spectrum 日蝕彩虹光譜 Supine Lotus 仰荷
Lotus Heart 蓮心 Little Fairy Shoes Tung Flower Bokeh Dusk Bokeh Holiday Bokeh at Christmas Alley Epidendrum Ivan Gasparovic 樹蘭
黃蝴蝶 Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw. Guandu Bridge 關渡大橋 Stretch in the Morning Sun Flip Flop Sweating Awaiting...
Gone with the Wave Mantis on Marigold Little Fireworks Madagascar Almond 小葉欖仁 Orchidtree 洋蹄甲 As the Curtain Rises
Take a Rest Into the Infinity Smoking Mountains The Wedding Cake Rolling Crystal Balls Promise Willow
Circle Songs of Fall Little Fireworks Early Night Jewels Bounced Off
Colorful Droplets Fallen Stars In Between Storms Dancing on the Wall Bottlebrush Light up the Night
Gondola's Parking Spaceship Earth Wild Tickseeds 24 Hours of Flickr: One Day in Plum Rain Season Crystal Balls Illusion
Talmadge Bridge The Afternoon Holiday Grow Solid Wave Space in Time Zigzag
The Lighthouse at a Cloudy Night Entering the Port Colorful Lights City Hall at Dawn Row of Bottles Apple Mouse Family
Stained Glass Her Wedding Bouquet Curly Hair Getting Fur(r)y Curly Hair Light & Dark
Big World Firework Composite Flower Spider Eye to Eye Sea of Dumplings A Vine Runs Through It
Rose-Pink Nice Day Passage to Heaven Fireworks 2x2 Happy Time
Yellow Kiss Spined Bug on Spined Seeds Life Cycle Silent Burst /T *o*
The Killing Scene (1) Troplets Little Umbrellas Humming Bee Let Go!!! Sisters
Fresh Beauty Trap Shy Bee Droplet on the Tower Pearls on Highway Historic Background
Hey! What's there? After Storm Little Butterflies Praying Fingers IMG_3141.jpg Under the Sky
Tall Wine Cups Mixing Colors Early Spring Clinging Together Grrrr.... It's FREEZING!!! Niagara Falls at Night
Moonrise Over Manhattan Island Lady Liberty at Dusk After Rain Curvy At Gina's House At Gina's House
At Gina's House At Gina's House Joshua Tree and the New Moon Joshua Tree and the New Moon First Sunrise of 2006 First Sunrise of 2006
Whale Shark from Taiwan My Niece, 2003 Grass{2}.jpg In the Dusk IMG_7139.jpg Names on Bricks
City in Sunlight A Dream CRW_0410 CRW_7493 Tybee Island Lighthouse CRW_8229
CRW_8137 Found Type on Numbers Manhattan Bridge CRW_9441 Whitney Museum of American Art Sea Nettle
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

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    sean eng™ says:


    July 28th, 2009

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    VAharoni says:

    "Tagged as a contact...why? The photographs are splendid. The compositions are so simple and clean. The color pure. Exquisite joy. Tagged to enable my return.

    Thank you Oliver for sharing!"

    September 24th, 2008

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    xthylacine says:

    "Oliver is perhaps the premier garden photographer on flickr. His flowers are fantastic and his bugs are beautiful. I have no idea where his secret garden is, but it is sublime. He has plenty of other great images as well - from gyoza to wild horses. To top it off, he is a heck of a nice guy. If you haven't already, check out his photostream, it is truly inspiring."

    July 13th, 2006

Oliver Wu
January 2005
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
I am:
Photographer, Graphic Designer
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