average height... reddy brown longish hair,,, green eyes...yes I'm part Irish and Part Scottish.
Like to think I'm an artist & went to Art School & College some years ago

Became a Hand Printed Silk Screen Designer

Enjoy Music..... Sport & Antiques

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I'm genuinely proud to be a member of such a terrific group and with great competitions to stretch your ideas too

Some of the Groups I Admin on Flickr ))-

Thank you for sharing ! Art is never finished , only abandoned
Thank you for sharing this excellent art with us !

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The Corn field (circle series)
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Photos of Joe Vance aka oliver.odd (7)

  • tangled-Up-in-blu by artyfishal44
  • Open Your Eyes And See by Doni (Tigre) Still a long way to go
  • Peacemaker by TeodoraC
  • TV Nightmare 19^ 893 by Johnny Micheletto
  • TV Nightmare 19^ 848 by Johnny Micheletto
  • one of my idols: Renato Guttuso,Roma complesso  of the Vittoriano by asimmetrica
  • 'You don't say.... Is it already weekend again?' by Hedi-Alana
  • ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thanks to the teamwork of my Co-Admin ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The crown of the selected works is here: My collage no. 7: ************Honors the excellent photos of Fire of your ART by © the-best-is-yet-to-come ©

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Joe Vance
September 2011
United Kingdom
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