Just an amateur photographer who has been quietly taking pictures for my own pleasure on and off since the box camera was the norm.
I try to look for the more unusual shots but anything I feel is interesting to me or of interest maybe to others goes. As you can see from my photostream, I have always had a special interest of all things nature.
I try not to upload my photos of a subject or trip etc. all at once but attempt to keep things changing and going back to subjects every so often, hopefully keeping my photostream interesting and different.

Pretty much all my photos are hand held but I have occasionally rested the camera on a convenient ledge etc for the occasional low light shot and I do have a monopod which rarely gets used, or even taken out. (I really should get a lightweight tripod which, I know, would improve my photography but the last thing I need is more bulk and weight).

May I also say thank you to everyone who has made, or will make, a comment on my pictures. I appreciate every one of them.

ps Please try not to post multiple award comments to my pictures, I find it frustrating to receive awards for groups which I do not belong to or have not posted to yet. Thank You.

pps Please DO NOT add Flickriver strips or any of your own pictures onto your awards asking me to look at them or award them. By doing so, it ensures that I will definitely NOT look at or award the pictures.

And last, but not least -

All of my pictures are fully © Copyrighted.
None of my images may be copied, reproduced or altered in any form or manner or placed on the internet or any other social media, or in any form of publication either print or otherwise, in any form or manner without my written permission.

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June 2008
North West England
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