Thanks for all the posts, tweets and comments !

Und trotz der vielen Arbeiten, die auf flickr zu sehen sind, besteht meine Arbeit aus mehr Terminen. Die Pressearbeit und die Dokumentation meiner Stadt Oldenburg bilden die eine Hälfte. Die andere Hälfte besteht aus der Bild-Dokumentation für Wirtschaft, Industrie, Werbung und von besonderen Anlässen wie z.B. Hochzeiten, Jubiläen, Firmenpräsentationen, Firmenjubiläen. In Oldenburg und umzu .....

Bei Bedarf, einfach eine Mail senden an:

Peter Porikis

So, you want to know, who is this crazy guy doing all the photo works on this flickr account? Following every event on DIGITAL EYELAND, what is normally called DOWNTOWN OLDENBURG.

Look at this picture of times, when I was working as a DJ in the disco "sunup's" Oldenburg, which I ran a few years later on ....

Die Vernetzung von Fotoarbeiten über weltweite Datenbanken ist schon eine feine Sache, um nicht A
alles Material für fast immer unbeachtet im Archiv versacken zu lassen. So war es noch vor einigen Jahren. Es ist jedenfalls für diese Art von Werkschau eine enorm bemerkenswerte Nachfrage vorhanden. Freut mich außerordentlich. Vielen Dank für das Interesse und für die vielen Mails, Posts und tweets!!!!

Wer Menschen nicht fotografieren kann, kann selten mit ihnen umgehen.
Wer Menschen mag, auf dessen Portraits erkennen Menschen sich immer gerne wieder!

I was born in Wilhelmshaven / Germany.
Wilhelmshaven is a German harbor at the North Sea coast.
Oldenburg, 50 miles away from Wilhelmshaven, is the town where I live now since 1981.
In 1981 I began to study economics at Oldenburg, but didn't finish studying..... because I got an offer, to work for the discothek sunup's in the city of Oldenburg.

I was a DJ during schooltime and for the duration of study, than COO of the disco and ran that same disco until 1995. After that period I made a training to become an IT-specialist and I'm working now mainly as a photographer.
My job is also my vocation.
Of course I like to travel around and take pictures of what I see. So I collected a huge archive of impressions of northern Germany.
I like my town Oldenburg and when I saw the flickr pages (a little bit late i guess) I decided to promote my town and my photo works too.
My photo collection will show the world a lot of our beautiful region.

I see my work more as a chronologist than as a photographic artist.

Taking a very special picture has to be more influenced by the mood and not so much by techniques I think.
And it s not depending on the latest camera or equipment, it is the eye of the person who holds the camera. That is most important. And the process of learning does never end in photography. That makes it so thrilling to take pictures of the same object or person again and again.

And ...... there is no better way to learn a lot about your area, your town, your neighbors and all the things, you never saw without your cameras!

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    frank schacht / photojournal-worldwide-exklusiv says:

    "als waschechter wilhelmshavener moechte ich dich wilhelmshavener oldigitaleye loben fuer deine professionelle arbeit. die fotos zeugen von talent und leidenschaft. werde jede weitere fotos geniessen.-------your work reflect passion and talent. keep going"

    August 17th, 2008

Peter Porikis
May 2007
Oldenburg (Oldbg.), Germany
I am:
Freier Fotograf, Pressefotograf, IT-Specialist
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