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My current number is (321) 318-9726 and my email address is

Stars over Hawaii will keep it's name, but due to the volcanic activity at Kilauea, our religious organization, Odinia International, will be moving to the mainland of the United States for the present. I very much enjoy the wonderful photography here. Some of the topics I like best are European Heathen customs. archaeoastronomy, archaeology, astronomy, and anti Zionism.

My personal background includes working at the NASA telescope at Mauna Kea, Hawai`i, and creating and teaching two archaeoastronomy courses for the University of Hawai`i. I also have given archaeoastronomy lectures for round-the-world tours and I have a contract with an academic publisher to write an archaeoastronomy textbook.

Restoring Odinism, which some call Asatru, is my main focus. I am the leader of an Odinist organization called Odinia International . In case you are not yet familiar with it, Odinism is our native European religion. Our Odinist Creed gives a sense of our world view. You may enjoy my Odinist video redes and blots or the Odinist Foxfire Journal Both feature original research, writing, and poetry by Odinists.

If you are a European ancestry person and would like to submit an article for publication, write us at For those who enjoy Nordic European culture , archaeology, religion, spirituality and history, join The Flickr Nordic Odinist

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Seana Fenner von Fenneberg
February 2007
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Female and Single
Odinia International and Odinist Journal FoxFire
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