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An oddsock, and pig headed : )

Wow it seem's like only yesterday when I was with all those beautiful people at the Isle of White, Jimi Hendrix playing God save the Queen through a wall of feedback! Yeah that's when time stood still : )
So now i'm a fifty year old hippy and making up for lost time, Man if only we had computers back then maybe we could have given peace a chance?
I love all things rock'n'roll, classic cover art is a favourite pastime (some might say obsession) check out my rock'n'roll your own cigarette papers.
The computer artwork in my photostream is created with my favourite app Paint Shop Pro (yes I have PS too) but PSP Rocks : )
Woodland restoration is a big part of our lives, we bought an ancient wood called Gotemhill (A saxon name) which had been used as a trash dump for some 30 years! we have removed tons of crap, glass, metal and building waste, then planted over 300 trees along with layering 140m of hedge and coppice hazel, see the Gotemhill Wood set.
The woodland is next to the 10th hole of a golf course which is a dog leg left! the result is over 15000 golf balls! check out the golf set : )
We have a rescue dog called Suggs, a collie bull terrier cross who loves to go for long country walks! he is a good mate and a joy to have around, check out the Suggs set.

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    michaelhutchinson10 says:

    "Hiya Oddsock how are you doing pleased to meet you
    Mick Hutchinson
    I agree with you if we had had computers back then the world could have been changed ,but maybe it still can"

    April 1st, 2008

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    deepinder cheema says:

    "Ok, Ok ..I''l be your Flickr friend, if you will."

    February 24th, 2008

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    dbuk2 says:

    "oddsock has certain notions .
    They make him a distinctive person and a peace representative.
    Papers : His are THE BEST ON THE PLANET !
    Bar None !!
    Do yourself a favor and check this music and art .
    It will be well worth your time .
    He co started Rock and Rolled Over Album Art group
    Check that out while you are at it !
    This guy is my good friend and shall remain so .
    An innovator in the truest sense...

    September 9th, 2006

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    Miss Makita Drill says:

    "oddsock is a fabulous manipulator who never fails to comment and to be there in support after all our hard work in these various groups. his work and his sensitivity is a great oasis of relief in a cold and sometimes insensitive world. thank you oddsock."

    April 6th, 2006

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