"I've made life Hellish. At times I've made Heaven. Always remember as an artist you can create whatever you want at any moment. Listen to your intuition. I'll keep learning to be better and make more Heaven than Hell."

David LaChapelle

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    The Chaninator™ says:

    "The sickest Jetson. by far."

    August 13th, 2008

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    frank schacht / photojournal-worldwide-exklusiv says:

    Your pictures really reflect your passion and talent,how to put in scene.

    July 24th, 2008

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    tony sojka says:

    "Ed amazes everyone with his photos. He knows how to make interesting shots and he has a lot of potential that he shows us everytime he puts new photos on flickr! I'm proud knowing you. Go ahead!"

    October 1st, 2006

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    Monkee Paw says:

    "Echen is the man. What else can you conclude? I mean look at the way he kicks it with the fish eye. Good stuff. And its always great to see a skilled photographer who has a eye towards hot cars. Great talent, fantastic subject matter, good models, great vision. This is what I aspire to. Echen nailed it all. And every time I start to go through his photos.....I'm reminded of when i was first dating. He captures young love so effectively that I have to get off the computer go in the other room, slap my wife on the rear and start necking. He's got skillz boy.
    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome stream with all of us E! I dig it all!"

    August 8th, 2006

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    jhawke says:

    "edward is PURE FUN. you can tell he likes to have a good time with his camera and i'm so thankful he shares it here with us on flickr!"

    June 22nd, 2006

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    Mr.Chan says:

    "echen is definately a cool young fellow with lots of energy to drive his road ahead . His photo dairy has reflect his sun shine personality and creativity . Congradulation echen , may all the best be with you ."

    May 21st, 2006

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    reeves7069 says:

    "A true vignette photographer, "E" is one of those people that make you a better person just by knowing him...an old soul at heart---young with wisdom and inspiration---not a dime a dozen---peas "E"."

    May 10th, 2006

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    wilfredo pascual says:

    "echen's urban takes are delightfully youthful and jubilant. a light, refreshing drink in summer. he's a natural at being fun. he gently nudges you to cross the line, to be there, to share and capture the moment with him."

    May 1st, 2006

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