simple yet complicated.

i won't be the last person you'd meet. i'm the type of person who's nice, make you laugh, and generally be your all-around gentleman. but to this comes a sad reality- people will abuse you if you are kind.

i have found ways of blocking them off. i live my life for those who matter to me, those who are true. i warm up to people easily, but very cautious as to what their intentions are.

comedies of error. thats what i used to call my mistakes. thru the years, i learned that there are things i can laugh about, but not people to laugh at. live and let live, one of the many phrases i was raised to respect.

i observe life thru my camera. it gives me a glimpse of how the world reacts to one another. appreciation of the simplest beauty, joys, happiness. i choose not to talk of myself in pictures anymore. fragments of who i am are reflected, but not as a whole. my life is private, it is no longer an open book.

my pictures are for the world. my concerns are to my own.

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November 2008
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