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    MarιLəBοᴎe(s) says:

    "a goddess.
    my personal goddess.
    i love her.
    i literally love her.
    she's everything about human being."

    2nd September, 2011

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    quierocoger says:

    "pure love. she's a big inspiration. her pictures are very strong."

    26th December, 2010

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    Francesco Paolo Catalano says:

    "Attraction, pain and sexuality. I love the drama of your photography"

    10th December, 2009

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    Helen Korpak says:

    "Photography closer to fine arts than any I have seen in a long while... Breathtakingly beautiful with so many undertones."

    29th November, 2009

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    Gi_u says:

    "true Artist,
    nothing other."

    10th September, 2009

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    youcancallmekristin says:

    "your photos are incredible"

    7th July, 2009

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    Fran Fatal says:

    "Sensitive, sophisticated, distant, always surprising ... The pictures of Michaela compose a wonderful feminine universe, sometimes dark, sensual other (sometimes both) but always with an impeccable taste."

    30th August, 2008

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    RossinaBossioB says:

    "I'm so glad I found you on Flickr...
    You remind me that there are still wonderful things to do with photography, and that poetry is still alive.
    Beautiful work."

    30th August, 2008

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    djegkader says:

    Simply you are great!!!!"

    29th August, 2008

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    nara▲ says:

    "Simply the best.

    One of my inspirations :)


    18th July, 2008

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    Samantha West says:

    "a beautiful mind and imagination. x"

    11th July, 2008

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    821991 ▲ says:

    "All i can say is thankyou.
    nynewe's work is like no lost for words as to how I can describe how amazing nynewe's photographs are.
    Simply and eternally soulful."

    24th June, 2008

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    anniestephens says:

    "nynewe is like no other. her pictures make me feel like a child. i sit always joyously in wonderment and stare and stare. her body speaks many languages."

    24th June, 2008

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    Francesca NoHead says:

    "she is unordinary
    she is unexpected
    she is extraordinary

    she is other!"

    22nd June, 2008

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    Serge Campo says:

    amazing artist, awesome works.
    art with passion, she can put a universe between the camera and her body,
    nynewe I have the sensation you're not from this time

    21st June, 2008

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    nimrodcooper says:

    "This woman kicks you in the brain, lights a fire in your soul and punches your eyes. Then she makes you say, "Thank you.""

    19th June, 2008

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    Guillermo Medina Ramos says:

    "Nynewe... wow
    She is one of the most amazing artist that i've ever seen.. such an inspiration to me, every single capture of her.. is emotive, sad, nostalgic and dark, and the style is unique.. love it, love her eyes."

    18th June, 2008

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    copyright depuis 1965 says:

    "nynewe, you are a really great artist and i love your art.."

    28th May, 2008

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    AngeIhead says:

    "one of my very favorite artists
    great touch and expression of mood
    making me feel and think and wonder
    images like water and air and food"

    13th April, 2008

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    ~serena* says:

    "Michaela's work is deep and evocative. She uses deep symbolism and weaves her own dark fairytales... She is one of the best artists on Flickr and she has such beauty & bravery and an overall stunning aesthetic. She is very feminine and courageous and I love her inspiring work. She is DEEPER and she is MORE and she is HERE! how lucky for us...!"

    4th January, 2008

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    Vale Isidora says:

    "I must say, nynewe is the most stunning artist I've seen on flickr, she has a tremendous talent and every day she comes with even more amazing photos. My personal fave :)"

    12th December, 2007

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    Shahab Zargari says:

    "Michaela's photography an post-processing is fantastic! Keep up the great work!"

    30th November, 2007

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    space.pirate says:

    "I love how Michaela's photos make me visit her strange and beautiful world..."

    17th November, 2007

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    RO-BOT says:

    "Your Work Is Amazing.
    Each Photo I look at From you
    Is Just More and More Visually Masterfull"

    14th November, 2007

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    Federico Forlani says:

    "There is no things you can't photograph without making it eternal, endless. Thanks. One of my favourite flicker."

    9th November, 2007

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    UNDO visualthinking™ says:

    "I love the way she make her art timeless, and how she finds the perfect mood and compositions, lovely nynewe's art."

    14th October, 2007

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    *\o/* YAY says:

    "She makes red lipstick cool and also takes some awesome classy portraits."

    29th July, 2007

Michaela Knizova
November 2006