Started loving fotography during my first longdistance bike journey. You may see more about on , though it's a bit outdated now...


Nowadays I use micro four third equipement and some manual lenses:


Mostly the E-M1 II, the Olympus powerhouse, and the cool PEN-F, most scalable camera I do know, perfectly for designing your final shot before hitting your shutter. No more sitting in front of computers ;)

I use them together with some fantastic little oly primes, the 12-40 and 40-150 pro and some manual lenses (voigtländer 17.5, oly 90/F2 macro...)

My dream lens is the oly 300/F4 pro, together with the upcoming 2x teleconverter.


But what do I talk about gear ;) I like to do travel and nature photography. Travelling is something I've done extensively, mostly with my bike and hiking as well. I am also working in a travel intensive profession, and can sometimes squeeze out a day off shooting. My most favourite genre would be insect macro, and I'm starting to stack and using flash as well.


Want to know more? Well, look at the pics, ask me, or just pass by for a coffee ;)

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