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I work in Manhattan - across the street from Bryant Park - Midtown. I occasionally take classes at ICP and love to travel and photograph. I love nature. I love people - My favorite kind of photography is Street and People/portraits on the street.
I shoot Models, actors, actresses -
I also take stills for Albert Xavier, a film maker.
I do portraits, headshots and portfolio photos for actors, Events, Bands, Street, Theater, Birds

I visit Florida Frequently

Canon G series 1, 3, 6
Canon 50d now
17-85mm F4/5.6 Canon - my standard walk around lens
50mm 1.8 Canon
50mm 1.4 Canon
10 - 20mm Canon
135mm 1.8 Canon
100-300mm Canon
Lomo fisheye2 (toy)
Canon Speedlight 420EX, 580EXII flash

Walking/living the tightrope is living, all else is waiting - Walenda (mangled quote but you get the idea)
I also do work for a Theater Group doing sex and gender identity education for school kids - www.nitestar.org -

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    Roger Mann says:

    "Living legends shouldn't need testimonials but Arthur's going to get one anyway. His understanding of the human condition and the way he incorporates that into his work enlivens Flickr with a true humanity. No-one is safe from his lens and I would guess neither do they want to be. I've never visited NYC but through my friend Arthur, I feel I know it intimately. Now that's really something."

    30th November, 2008

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    emotiroi auranaut says:

    "Arthur is a wonderful photographer of people being their naturally charming selves, including celebrities and more common types, always bringing out their best. His site has an excellent variety of aspects of life, music, humor, surroundings we can relate to in various ways...it is great he is here on flickr!"

    24th October, 2008

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    Oneras says:

    "With no doubt I consider NYCArthur as one of the best and kindest photographers in the Internet. With a natural way to capture reallity with his critical eye."

    24th September, 2008

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    Darrin Harris Frisby says:

    "I love THE CITY and although I live at high altitude in the Rockies, Arthur's travels, trials and tribulations keep me hip to the city, the people and even the weather!

    More than entertaining though is his personal dance with humans....always alive!"

    30th March, 2008

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    vojnovic says:

    "as a fan of Arthur and his images of New York´s everyday life and it´s poeple, I visit his stream on a regular basis...
    and each and every time it´s like the first time, taking a brief glimpse on the street life...

    highly addictive!"

    25th October, 2007

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    J.Chin Photography says:

    "Arthur you amaze me with the photos you take in your daily travels around New York City, especially the photos of people. Awesome work!"

    26th June, 2007

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    Debbie C.B.'s says:

    " a great photographer
    everyone said it all ready
    so Im here to agree
    also he is great at capturing the ensense of the moment ..the person
    his photography is sincer
    and that means alot
    no smoke and mirrors
    his art is honest
    I enjoy his work
    its joyfull
    and I like him as a person from what I know
    hes cool

    25th May, 2007

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    Aaron of NEPA says:

    "Love your Portrait and Street photography ... you're all right in my book, Arthur! :)"

    22nd September, 2006

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    johnantoni says:

    "sometimes shocking, always fun; sure knows how to shoot a good shot.
    brilliant, love it."

    27th August, 2006

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    dingbat2005 says:

    "NYCArthur, has commented on my photos for the last while and I on his, He has given me invaluable advice, and takes the most amazing shots of people and groups, I enjoy studying his composition, and all the other tips thank you"

    9th August, 2006

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    BillyWarhol says:

    "yes NYCArthur is an amazing photographer & very kind when it comes to sharing help or insight to throwing a Party in New York City!!!!!!



    i have to still go & check those PR girls - that Horoscope thingy was one o thee funniest things i've read in a while!!!!


    thx fer sending that*

    Cheers Bro!! Billy Warhol ;))"

    2nd July, 2006

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    your pal Matt says:

    "Arthur has that same kind of photographic mission that I'd like to think that I do - walk around, go out of your way to experience the world a bit, and you're bound to be able to come face to face with some worthwhile moments. He seems to know just how to capture them too."

    16th May, 2006

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    M4XIM4GE says:

    "NYCArthur examines visual clues to discover if love still exists or if idealism can survive in NYC."

    22nd October, 2005

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