May 2006 - 40 years worth of photos - coming soon to a screen near you. The photostream jumps about a lot in time so the best way to look at them is through the Albums.

2007 - I even reverted to black & white film and old cameras you have to set before you take a picture. But I'm still going get rid of the vinyl this year - OK next year.

Remember - wobbly = good : flash = failure

And - an instamatic in the hand is worth two Nikons in the wardrobe

June 2008 - Weird - over a million hits now. Never thought I'd make that in two years especially since just about nobody ever saw my pictures before. Funny old place this internet-enabled world we live in.

Just been to an exhibition of work by the late Don McPhee. Wonderful stuff. I do identify with his statement, " You have what I saw". What more can you ask of a photographer.

June 2010 - just past 2 million hits - more amazed than ever.

February 2011 - first dabble with book publishing on

About Wiki - The licence Wiki insists on is the one that lets others exploit my work commercially without giving me a cut. Seems a bit unreasonable to me. So please don't ask.

July 2013 - Reached a heady three and half million hits.

March 2016 - BBC Northern Ireland have made an episode of Real Lives Reunited around my old 1971 Rag Day photos. Won't be shown until 2017 apparently.

March 2017 - 10 million hits. I'm flabbergasted.

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  • Family by Sal Lim
  • Before colour. by Sal Lim
  • Family by Sal Lim
  • Family  by Sal Lim
  • Family visit. by Sal Lim
  • Family holiday. by Sal Lim
  • Family  by Sal Lim

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    andytgeezer says:

    "A great photographer and moreover a great guy, Normko still delights in taking photos of those key moments in London life. Always a refreshing stream to visit."

    March 23rd, 2009

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    Mad_T says:

    "what a great chronologist."

    July 25th, 2008

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    Big*Al*Davies says:

    "normko is the best. Historical shots along with equally good contemporary photography.

    I'm a fan."

    November 1st, 2007

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