First of all....

**Two simple rules i follow......
Rude and crude remarks gets you blocked and anyone blocking me for what ever reason, will in turn be blocked. **

Please note..........If you favour more than 5 of my photo`s within a 24 hour period, you will be blocked.

With all my image`s in my stream are my own so therefore ..... All Rights Reserved and Copyright`s are mine.

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    kittybuzz says:

    "Mike, sorry to hear you are not in the best of health.
    Always lovely to hear from you, you are a true gent.
    Its a pleasure flicking through your stream.
    Wishing you well,
    Luv kitty...x"

    May 8th, 2012

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    Thesameoldme says:

    "MIke.g's work is always thought provoking. Never vulgar often very very erotic always is art and some of his photos are absolutely breathtaking! TY for sharing."

    July 12th, 2011

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    johnb/Derbys/UK says:

    "I think similar to me mike finds beauty in lots of things ie trees,boats etc,also like me he finds female form nudes etc lovely too,even tho most days my flickr time is limited to a evenings hour chill-out,i always check mikes stream out,stunning nudes captured his way,stunning just every day photos too,i do really suggest if you have the time to check his stream out and as a bonus he will get back to you with a comment which is always nice,me if i had the chance id set a model shoot up and take them our way,sadly we miles away but you never know..thanks sir for some great photos,regards johnb/uk"

    March 20th, 2011

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    Rahley2009_mature says:

    "Mike is the truest example of a gentleman I have met in a very long time. He takes wonderful pictures from a unique & experienced perspective. Cool pictures of things & places I will possibly never get to see except through his lens on his photostream. I would trust him take pics for me although there might be more play than I am glad he chose to make me a friend & more so he allows me to be part of his flckr family. Thanks Mike for some really fun & sexy stuff."

    May 7th, 2010

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    M and H says:

    "Mike is a gentleman, he takes wonderfully interesting photographs of all sorts of subjects which are a pleasure to view. He leaves great comments too and we are glad to have made his aquaintance."

    May 3rd, 2010

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    mptop2 says:

    "Mike not only has a variety of excellent pictures of his own, he also leaves great complimentary comments and has some superb groups.
    Top bloke - Flickr needs more like him!"

    May 3rd, 2010

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    outlawjunkman says:

    "One of the nicest, most courteous gentleman that I have come to meet on Flickr. I have found that he and I often choose to comment on some of the very same photos. In EVERY instance his commentary is tasteful, respectful and never contains inappropriate or insulting remarks. I am proud to call him my friend. And by the way ( since this 'is ' a photo site ) he is an outstanding photographer. !!"

    May 3rd, 2010

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    CVG.2009 says:

    "Mike is just an alround great guy. Excellent photographic skills, superb photos and always a kind and considerate manner."

    September 23rd, 2009

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    Sassygal3 says:

    "Mike is a great photographer indeed !!He has a gift
    Mike I think you are just lovely you are a true gentleman with a heart of gold ...I wanted to hope in and say gals you should add this dude is very loyal to me and leaves me awesome comments soo I just wanted everyone to know Cheers Sassy :)xxxx"

    September 21st, 2009

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    uk_naughty_girl says:

    "Stunning pics and a good friendly person, need i say more?"

    August 23rd, 2009

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    lovin it large says:

    "A true gentleman, in every sense of the word !!! it is an absolute pleasure to call him a friend !
    Thanx for everything mike !

    Dom + Dawn"

    August 22nd, 2009

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