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    floydaholic says:

    "Danger, enlightening thoughts in this stream!"

    16th September, 2010

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    ricko says:

    "A photographer of pure genius."

    26th June, 2009

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    Yorick... says:

    "FUCK YES !

    12th December, 2008

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    Mnemonix says:

    "noqontrol, the thinking person's photographer."

    29th October, 2008

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    ColorSync says:

    "This guy is the sharpest concept artist on Flickr. I am often puzzled when I see his latest photos. After spinning my wheels a bit, I come to see his point of view and I am amazed by both the simplicity and the depth of his view. Kudos to noqontrol! I can hardly wait to see his next amazing piece."

    6th August, 2008

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    kupukupuhandmade says:

    "simple amazing no any world))Xo"

    19th March, 2008

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    HelmutG says:

    "what a image-genius!! Great technique and really unique ideas! A must see on the Web."

    28th February, 2007

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    Bob.Fornal says:

    "The photographs that I've seen by Noqontrol are distinctly odd and, at the same time, uniquely professional. I often sit and look, letting the style and skill soak in ... hoping to learn just a bit more ...

    Excellent work ... can't wait to laugh some more!"

    27th January, 2007

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    Prozac74 says:

    "This guy just doesn't cease to amaze me. Every shot he publishes may be something completely different compared to the one before (portrait, minimalism, composites, jokes, you name it) but they are all equally genius."

    19th January, 2007

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    Giampaolo Macorig says:

    "every single shot reflect the increadible and vivid immagination of is mind..."

    20th December, 2006

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    Nicholas Viltrakis ((( roAE ))) says:

    "Not what you are going to see everywhere else. This man has vision. And technique. Worship him as a satyr."

    31st May, 2006

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    *Ivan* says:

    "Someone wrote that Maciej is a genius: I can't define what a genius is, but I'm sure that I said, some days ago: "A genius is Maciej".

    (As my words are inadeguate, I will re-edit this testimonial very often)"

    31st October, 2005

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    Barb Henry says:

    "Genius, pure genius."

    23rd August, 2005

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    tamjpn says:

    "Born to explore, eloquent in expressing his vision of a world where ideals are actualized. His focus is on self-expression and possibilities, "what could be" rather than "what is". All his works is unmistakably original, creative and intellectual. Dark yet splendid, lyrical yet brutal, accurate yet entertaining. He's just so genuine."

    9th August, 2005

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    *junket* says:

    "they came visting..... you know when.... it doesn't add up.... but then around the back..... with the pictures & stuff .... some times what i see.... its kinda like... he blows my mind"

    29th July, 2005

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    Magic™ says:

    "noqontrol has a very unique, stylish way in taking his photos. Thier Amazing, interesiting and attracts the eyes.

    He Inspires me by every single photo he shot.

    And he is truely a great photographer =)"

    28th July, 2005

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    ··· r o k ··· says:

    "Love at first sight for noqontrol:
    so genial, interesting, amazing.
    Fantasy lives here! More: I love also the high technician quality of his pic.
    I've see “Therealmovie": a fascinating journey into noqontrol imagination.
    He's a master!"

    14th June, 2005

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    Lorenzo Herrera says:

    "Noqontrol has an special eye on creating photographs, a wonderful imagination that gives him the hability to express in a photo exactly what he has composing on its mind. Most of its photos are compositions of a simple idea or a plain fact, clear close-ups of what he wants to express, reaching visual statements that are magical because of its clear and detailed truth. Without using complex visual terms, he is capable of showing a complex idea. Wich also means, in the other hand, that the technique he uses to achieve this images is complex most of the times. Imagination, eye, and knowledge of the photo techniques, the prefect ingredients for a good photographer ;)"

    29th May, 2005

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    Rafael Ollero says:

    "Irreverent, surprising, provocative, captivating; Elegant work to love it or to hate it...i love it*"

    27th May, 2005

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    Eris23 [forever oldskool] says:

    "A genius of contemporary surrealism! I love his "funny" visualized movie and philosophy quotations! Stunning, extraordinary, cutting-edge..."

    20th May, 2005

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    Irina Souiki says:

    "I have discovered Noqontrol's pictures a little while ago and I could not stop browsing through them over and over again. They are ingenous, incredible, intelligent and plain CRAZY! You always have to look twice to discover aspects that are not visible at first sight. A delight!
    In this jungle of family pets, flowers and beautiful sunsets, Noqontrol's photography is refreshing and innovative. Great job, I can't wait for more!"

    25th May, 2005

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    SteveFE says:

    "Love the surreal set. Genuine inventive thought-play at work to alter our perceptions. How can the everyday become so bizarre? Just look!"

    25th May, 2005

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    elsakawai™ says:

    "Maciej have the most greatest idea and amazing photography you will see in his albums. .....Very stunning, intelligent and just awesome... =)"

    14th May, 2005

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    xtoq says:

    "I cannot believe no one has written a testimonial about him yet, so I'm doing it!

    Noqontrol has a beautiful eye (and he takes great photos too!) for the surreal and breathtaking. He told me he gave up on trying to get his photos shown in a gallery, and I'm sickened by that. If a gallery doesn't recognize the talent here, fuck art!

    If you are not subscribing to Noqontrol's photos, you're not getting the most out of Flickr."

    4th May, 2005

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