I don’t know when and how I get involved with this addiction named photography…..
Started with a Nokia camphone…..
Another reagent work here is flickr, oh it’s an addiction stronger than heroine !!!!!
Liked to capture everything surround me………..
Not intend to bind myself to any specific genre…..
Pressing shutter since last two and half years…..
I’m still sinking in the great Atlantic….Nothing learned yet now…..
Rest of the thing you may say better……

blog : neazahmed.blogspot.com/

Contact me for legal permission if you like to use my photos
email neazahmed [at] gmail.com

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    ছায়াশিকারী (Abdul Aziz Apu) says:

    "দামি লেন্স, দামি ক্যামেরা এইগুলা খালি আইওয়াশ... আর ম্যানিয়া(আমার মনে হয় ফোবিয়া)... সমকালীন প্রায় সব ফটোগ্রাফারের এখন একই রোগ (আমার ও আছে)... কিন্তু আপ্নে দেখাইতেসেন... সেই নিয়াজ ভাই... অস্ত্রের ঝনঝনানি বাড়ে নাই... কিন্তু বাড়ছে ধার... so consistent... silent and steady...
    ভাল ছবি তুলতে কিচ্ছু লাগে না... খালি চোখ, ধৈর্য আর একনিষ্ঠতা...
    স্যালুট বস... you are Mr. NEAZ AHMED, An Eminent Photographer from Bangladesh..."

    April 23rd, 2011

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    Catch the dream says:

    "It has been quite a long since I've been in flickr, and I've seen very few photographers who continued their photographic endeavors throughout this time. Many of them simply dropped photography for lack of time or interest. But some remained with me as persistent company.

    Neaz Ahmed is one of them, whom I've seen to be born as a photographer and evolve slowly towards mastery. His photographs are varied and he never ceases to experiment. You will find images of all genres in his stream, which is exciting. You will never feel bored watching similar photographs, because every photo is different. A journey through his photostream will be like a journey inside a pristine island...which will continue to amaze you every moment with variegated emotions, colors and environments.

    Best of luck, Neaz vai."

    March 23rd, 2009

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    Hameem Shakhawat says:

    "Well, its about time to write something about one of my good friend, class mate, shooting buddy, my guitar teacher!! (I couldn’t find him after the first lesson) Neaz Ahmed!!

    By the journey of life, we already had shared lots of memorable moments, but I never thought I could have found him as a shooting buddy by my side. And I think its about time to thank him for playing that role!! We already had lots of adventure during our photo shoots and hopefully going to experience a lot more.

    As a photographer, he is a quick learner and having wisdom of taking it seriously. The rest you will find from this photostream.


    January 10th, 2008

neaz ahmed
June 2007
dhaka, bangladesh
I am:
Male and Single
Custome Service Specialist