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Now there's a phrase that I always see, followed by the big blank box... and I try to think, what could go in there. Should I put something profound? Something witty? Something informative?

On the profound, I'd have to say that really that's up to the person reading the box, isn't it? I mean, others should judge whether you say something profound, not yourself. And something witty? Witty is more fun in dialogue, this way it's more dynamic.

So I guess that leaves informative. But then you don't want to be too informative, because then no one will want to stop and ask you a question. And I do so love dialogue with new people.

So I'm going for mildly informative here:
I love flickr. I love the idea behind it. (Probably why I paid for the pro account...) I'm not a professional photographer, but in a perfect world, I would have loved to be. Instead, I'm just trying to enjoy it, and that is working so far. I live in Seattle and practically everywhere I go, my little D50 and MacBook go with me (all for the pictures).

I think I'm in that phase of life where you want these things, but you don't quite know how to get at them, so you charge full steam ahead and bump into just about everything, accumlating bruises and bumps and other injuries of wisdom. If you're curious about what it is that I want to be, well that's where the dialogue is a good place to start.

So that's all I'll write for now. But I reserve the right to add more fun tidbits and morsels later.

Jeff Paulino's Facebook profile
Jeff Paulino's Facebook profile

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