Of all lies, art is the least untrue;

I am an artist and visual explorer who uses paint, clay, stone, wire, wood, paper, and pixels to create and discover new visual worlds. My work has evolved from recording the beauty and variety of the external world to creating my own imaginary worlds, as evidenced in my paintings, sculptures and digital works. My work embodies the stylistic undercurrents of Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and a dash of Dada; as well as reflecting my Northern European roots and the influences of a formal graduate education in art history and philosophy.

My work has been displayed or published by a variety of organizations including: the Saatchi Gallery Online, the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, the BBC Collective Gallery; Downtown LA Life Magazine International; Boletin del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Historico (PH 60) in Seville, Spain; Qind Magazine (London, England), Green Hills Literary Lantern, Detroit Free Press, File Magazine, Flak Photo, the permanent collection of the Meteor Photo Gallery, and the Agitatto Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, My work is also in private collections in Europe and the U.S. I have shown my work in a one-man show and in numerous group shows in the US. Since 1995 when I created my website, my work has been viewed by more than 3 million people worldwide and over 2 million people on Flickr..

I am a self-taught artist who has been honing his artistic skills and aesthetic sense for over 35 years. I have worked as a professional photographer, off and on, for 18 years, undertaking assignments as diverse as architectural photography, executive portraits, special events and product packaging. I also have taught art history, philosophy and logic at various colleges and universities in Michigan and was chairman of the Humanities department at Duns Scotus College in the 1970s. Out of financial necessity, I became a stockbroker with Paine Webber, which then led to a position with American Motors as Senior Econoimic Analyst and eventually as Manager of Investor and Financial Communications. After parting ways with AMC, I became Vice President of Professional Services and Investor Relations for Michigan's largest PR firm, Anthony M. Franco, Inc. Finally, I founded my own PR firm in 1989 specializing in communications for professional firms. After a 21 year run, I closed the business down in 2010 to focus all my attention on my art. I have two Masters degrees, one in Humanities and the other in Philosophy from Wayne State University.

I was born in a displaced persons (DP) camp in Augsburg, Germany of Estonian parents, and I immigrated to the United States in 1950. I grew up in Detroit and currently live in Plymouth, Michigan with my wife.

I regularly view all my Contact's photos and Favorite those images I like.

Rein's Ruminations - www.nomm.com/aphorism.html

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    Felicidad de Esquina says:

    ""Rein Nomm", is a great artist with a wonderful world in his mind.. he makes beautiful dreams in his paintings and photos, and no doubt, you will find out his style is really unique and different.
    I love to come and see his new artworks. He is so magical.

    "Take a little time to see his dreamy stream, you won't regret.""

    19th April, 2009

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    Cpt<HUN> says:

    "There is a life described on this man's face here.
    There is a fractal of toughts and feelings in each and every picture seen in his pool. I suggest to look behind the shots. And come back and look again. And again. Experience life and a history. Art is here."

    4th April, 2008

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    artphoto2005 says:

    "the clock image did it...had to drop by and say his work is inspirational and a visual treat"

    6th November, 2007

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    VinaPix says:

    "I can't think of a single photostream on Flickr which is more worth your time and attention than this one. The images collected here are some of the most beautiful, interesting and even challenging I've seen, I find myself returning again and again to contemplate the work of a master. I lack the vocabulary to be able to express the impact or emotions that these outstanding works of art have upon me - both intellectually and emotionally... so I won't try. Don't spend your time reading my pittiful words... go ahead and take a look at these most wonderful images, but please, do not just rush through; take time to enjoy each image, look at it, allow it to enter your conciousness and speak to you, for that is the only way to truly appreciate art like this."

    2nd October, 2007

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    JVLIVS Photography says:

    "I've recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rein Nomm @ a suburban coffe shop. And to hear his stories as well as to observe the pieces he has created over many years of honig his craft never ceases to amaze me. I've only know him for a few short months, but I feel like I've known him forever. I'd like to buy one of his pieces form him in the near future (if circumstances permit). As long as he continues to produce his masterpieces, I'll continue to support his work."

    6th September, 2007

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    Matthew Fang says:

    "Frist time i stop by and i look pics i just to gasp in admiration , feel so convulse in side of me , that is 2 years go .

    And i keep looking all this man pics to today i just can say this is a achiever photographer to be , and is one of Artist , Workmaster commendable photographer ,

    In the pics you can see how Exquisite , Morbidezza and cleverly skill , it's worth to take time savor , im vevry happy can konw this friend ."

    17th August, 2007

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    I just discover his master pieces here. I am totally impress that he is breaking the traditional sense of photographrapy arts.

    Rather you are breaking the limit & achieving new frontier's in Imaging Art.

    I am totally impress for his creativity, Kindness & sharing attitude to all on the net.

    You are a great inspirer to many.........

    I appreciate your everything!!"

    18th May, 2007

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    Clio20 says:

    "J'aime l'univers que Nomm de photo crée à travers ses photos.
    Une très grande maîtrise technique alliée à un sens artistique exceptionnel ... Nomm de Photo est un véritable esthète !"

    13th April, 2006

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    Stringbean646 says:

    "For me it was "love at first sight" for nomm's photos. All images captured seem to tell a story of depth, whether it be his rustic photos, cryptic photos, or any of his other subjects- each unto itself a work of art; finely composed.

    if i ever learn that he has published a photo book under $50.00, I know I'll be one of his first fans to run to the bookstore and buy it!"

    12th December, 2005

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    boston_camera says:

    "An artistic eye. A technical wiz. A documentarian of life. That's Rein Nomm."

    6th August, 2005

Rein Nomm
April 2005
Augsburg, Germany
Plymouth, Michigan, USA
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