I am an islander, hails from Cebu, Philippines. A Hobbyist photographer, musician, and appreciates all artistic things in this world. When I was in Cebu I played drums for an indie alternative band. We able to get some gigs here and there; and fortunate enough to released an EP (6 tracks CD) just in time prior for my departure. Now, that I'm here in the land of milk and honey I'm still craving for an outlet of my little talent in arts. During my first year, I wanted to start a jamming band but it didn't realized. This is America and that means work first and also work later. In 2009, I decided to venture into photography to substitute my thirst for playing music as well as to occupy my lonely weekend.

I love being a hobbyist, there are no limitations or constraints in my exploration. I am not against workshops but sometimes it's hard for me to appreciate works that are just similar to each other; even the water marks and frames are being copied. The same processing and same techniques of photography are being displayed. If we study music it doesn't mean that we copy all the notes and play it over and over again right? I value originality per se. Same also with photography or any other art. There is no creative juice that is being squeezed if we are just depending on others. I'm not saying that we will not learned or admired the great photographers out there. All I am saying is, the artistry is being compromised if we don't try to learn or make our own style. Once I get the right shot or image in my own little way "satisfaction" is nearly doubled. That is my rule of thirds and I guess it is only applicable for a Hobbyist like me.

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  • early morning risers. by Villarmia_Mel

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S. Nirza
July 2009
Cebu CIty, Philippines
New York City, USA
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