Hi all ! I'm "noborders", because not too fond of divisions or boundaries + feel at home in many places in the world, but also fear some overland border crossings in Asia and Africa... My 1st aim here is not esthetics, rather to portray as best as I can people/situations that I witness and my interest goes mainly to documentary photos and photos of people in daily life situation - sorry for not being more selective, as I want first to inform as much as possible... >>> For a quick overview, check out my most "popular-interesting" photos.

NB : I don't consıder myself as a 'photographer' (although passıonate about photography), rather an 'old traveller' = tryıng to dıscover thıngs dıfferently, listening to people a lot and nowadays ıf possıble, avoıdıng hotels and lıvıng wıth local famılıes.

Ex tour guide/tour leader, now re-visiting the countries where I was based with other purposes (often, to see various NGOs). Spent earlier more than 3 years of my life in INDIA touring the country (= my enduring obsession) + more time in the countries around, but have acquired there terrible problems with noise, although IMO India is still the most fascinating place on earth...
Now, more and more in Turkey and slowly learning the language. Also very interested in all countries with Persian language (Iran, India (Urdu), parts of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan etc)...

!!!! I'M VERY HAPPY TO READ ALL YOUR COMMENTS BUT PLEASE : NO AWARDS, TROPHIES, BIG LOGOS or ANIMATED GIFs... plain text version for group invitations is OK... Thank you !!!!

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Equipment (not a fan of big cameras and not gifted in technical matters)
* (before 2006) : Canon EOS analog with various lenses + small compacts : Minox and Pentax cameras
* Canon Ixus 850IS (and 90IS) (first digital photos, mostly)
* Lumix LX3 (from 12/08), upgraded to Lumix LX7 (from 4/13), although I still love the LX3...
* Lumix G1 (from 6/09) : upgraded to Lumix GH2 (3/11), with LumixG20mm/F1.7ASPH.lens and other lenses (from 12/09)
* Lumix GF1 (from 7/11)

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    successful pets says:

    "She is one of the most my favorite photographer and neighbor on Flickr. Simply I say, she is my style so that I feel always such an inspiration to look at her pictures. Her many photos are so simple but that is simplicity and honest moreover, easy to understand. The reason that her perspective is important in many ways because of she try to be with people who she has been meeting with every moment that's why when I see her images, I can easily figure out how she approached people with familiar emotion as well as I can find out how she show herself toward those who are in front of her small window(Camera). There are so many photographers on Flickr however she is one in a hundred, such a humanist and storyteller as her nickname in Flickr.
    Yes, we all dream of noborder in this world, why not!
    Best wishes."

    April 10th, 2010

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    mallard123 says:

    "I am a new comer here. Is this a wright place to write to you?
    I've met many of your photos that are exactly like your name 'noborders'.
    This might be rude to say, in the first contact, but I got a smell that you are same kind of creature as me.
    Anyway, today is a happy and lucky day to meet your photos."

    November 23rd, 2009

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    arnabchat says:

    "My liking for Catherine's pictures goes back to days I was active in another website.

    She is here to tell us stories, she excels in her own way in the area of photojournalism, be it classic monochrome or vivid colors, bringing to us stories of people and their cultures, with emotions as overtones."

    September 28th, 2009

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    Emre Ucar says:

    "Cath is great. I love her photos...and i suggest you should follow her if you like documentrary photography and the things related to life and culture of the people. I also love her nickname here: "noborders" is a brilliant choice."

    September 28th, 2009

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    Eni Turkeshi Imagery says:

    "a master of delightful, touching candid photos.one of the best on her style here on flickr!i`m always impressed !
    congrats friend!"

    June 6th, 2009

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    olebrat says:

    "This lady intrigues me. She claims not to be a “photographer” yet her work is undoubtedly the labour of a fine eye, a technique and style.that is inspiring to many fliker viewers – me, included.
    She has recently commented on my work and I fee privileged to receive her comments as it’s my opinion that comments carry only weight when they are given by some one that you admire, otherwise they are just platitudes.
    On top of that she shows to have a hart, an humanity that is reflected in her work. She is some Lady.
    I’m glad she took the time to comment on my pictures.
    Thanks for your work Catherine !"

    March 23rd, 2009

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    angshumanghosh says:

    "There is a history in her photographs and I think it's safe to say that it is unparalleled here on Flickr. When I say history, I don't just mean time, but of people and places as well. Her uncanny ability to capture moments which seem ordinary at first glance, convincingly grab and catapult you into a world where you live in her photos. Everytime I look through her photostream, I can't help but feel like I'm embedded in it, standing right next to her. Full of life, love and laughter (like that profile picture), I am privileged to be a part of her incredible journeys! Thanks!"

    March 14th, 2009

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    newlune says:

    "Catherine est mue par une soif inextinguible…
    La soif de l'autre… la soif des autres… de tous les autres
    Et là où elle va, elle s'insinue, telle l'eau, dans tous les groupes de femmes et d'hommes et d'enfants à la rencontre desquels elle va…
    Et toutes ces personnes l'accueillent, comme on accueille une eau bienfaisante…
    Toutes ces personnes l'accueillent comme on accueille quelqu'un que l'on attendait depuis si longtemps… quelqu'un dont la visite était inéluctable… nécessaire !
    Et je suis certain que toutes ces personnes ressentent du plaisir à ce contact… elles y trouvent une reconnaissance, à leur propre regard et à celui des autres.
    Ceci explique la vérité dont sont pétris tous ces portraits que Catherine nous offre en retour.
    Des portraits qui s'inscrivent dans des séries qui sont autant de reportages sur des quotidiens qu'autrement nous ignorerions.
    A cela s'ajoute, malgré les doutes qu'elle exprime, une très grande qualité dans le cadrage et la composition ! Que du plaisir !!
    Qu'il me soit permis de dire que parmi les photographes que je connais, Catherine est une "grande" !"

    February 22nd, 2009

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    Stepan003 says:

    "What I enjoy the most in Catherine compos is the way you feel how close she can get to the people.
    Sharing moments, feeling complicity, capturing simple real (and then rich) daily life instants... that's what I appreciate in her gallery...

    Hope you'll feel that too..."

    December 6th, 2008

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    Ameer Hamza says:

    "Catherine is a fantastic shooter. That is obvious. What is even more obvious is her use of colours and sharp composition to bring people together. She also has an ability to evoke a sense of place, a rather difficult thing to do. I am not sure what she is or what she does, but I know that she has been quite a lucky person to have travelled a lot and her photographs display a fine sense of travelling.

    I got to know her when she added me to her contact list and commented on my shots in her own way. It is always nice to meet people across the globe and I am happy to be her contact."

    September 10th, 2008

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    N A Y E E M says:

    "MARK MY WORDS, I am telling you, you have the potential to be a great photojournalist and a famous one. I have seen all your pictures in your stream and I am not trying to just make you happy. You have the power to be close to people which is the most important thing in photojournalism. You shall see if you continue your work.

    September 3rd, 2008

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