As a baby, my mother used to give me paint because one of my favorite activities was rubbing my hands with paint and draw on a big piece of paper. Ever since my mum showed me that I could communicate without words, I developed a passion for art.


Through what others saw in my art, I discovered that the way I see the world is not quite the way other people see it. I later discovered that everyone sees and experience the world in a different way. This means that the way we see the world is not actually how the world is. Perception is not reality. This discovery intensified my interest in art because I realized it was a portal to people’s inner world. A communication channel for all that words cannot communicate: how do you describe the Sunflowers by Van Gogh over the phone? No words can replicate the experience of seeing the painting.


My photography is an attempt to show the world as I experience it. If we can change the way we see the world, we can change the way we experience what happens around us. It all starts with what we see: when we look at the world through different eyes and lenses, we expand the way our mind sees reality. Seeing the world through different realities gives us a chance to change our behavior. I want to show the world how to look at reality through as many different eyes as possible so that everyone can chose the version they prefer.


I explore different forms of art: I love cooking, acting, singing and music (although I’m appalling at it!), dancing, jewelry making, arts & crafts, painting, drawing, photography and computer art. I believe that each form of art I try and learn from enhances the way I communicate in all other forms. My key focus for the moment is on a project called “My World In Sight”.

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