© All rights reserved. Use of my images without permission is illegal. Unauthorized use, copy, editing, reproduction, publication, duplication and distribution of my photos, or any portion of them, is not allowed. If you wish to use any of my images for any reason or purpose please contact me for written permission.

I also have the view that if an image is worthy of being made a favourite then it must also be worthy of a comment; I would like to think others share that view too, sadly it seems many do not! The result is that I have started blocking the people who regularly favourite as many as 30 or more images at a time without commenting, especially those who have no images of their own to show on Flickr, you know who you are!
Do not add notes to the image body, or add your images in the comments stream, they will be deleted!

Just a note that all the images are displayed at full frame (uncropped) and unmanipulated unless otherwise noted in the captions underneath.
I really only shoot wild nature subjects, I don't have a problem with shots of captive species, I do have a few zoo shots on here; however for me there is little challenge or creative/achievement satisfaction to be gained from photographing subjects in captivity.

I have spent much of my working life as a visual effects technician / models and action-props maker in the movie industry, a job that I loved, but it has all but disappeared as a result of computer generated imaging (CGI).
When I first started work I spent my wages on a Zenith B camera, I wanted to get images of aircraft for reference when painting my model planes, it wasn't long before I was pointing it and my lenses at the birds in the garden; my photography passion was fired-up and has not waned since. The movie work meant i spent my days building models and the wildlife photography became a hobby that engulfed my spare time.
There are many subjects that I shoot now, but military jets and wild birds still are the subjects I am drawn to the most.
I had my first published image in March 1982 and have had thousands published (including 997 mag/book covers) since.
I have been semi pro since 1983 and full time photographer since 2005... I wish I'd turned pro long before!
Please enjoy viewing my work.

All images have been taken using Canon equipment.
Canon EOS 7D MkII (X 2)
Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII (X2) and EOS1Ds MkII (X1)
600mm f4 IS
100-400mm f4.5-5.6 IS MkII
100mm f2.8 macro
70-200mm f2.8 IS
1.4X and 2X converters
several different extension tubes
and loads of other flashes, tripods, reflectors
home built remote/radio control with viewfinder video assist and various camera supports etc

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    James "JSlugman" O'Rear says:

    "In my travels around the world I have met some incredible people and Nigel is one of them. He introduced my to the breath-taking world of Low Fly photography in the Welsh hills and, perhaps unknowingly, fanned a smoldering passion for bird photography into a roaring flame.

    Nigel's imagery has the uncanny ability to make me scratch my head and wonder "how the heck did he capture that?!?!?!" on more occasions that I wish to admit. His understanding of light and how it interacts with his subjects comes, in no small part, from his extensive involvement with the movie industry as a special effects craftsman and consummate model maker. Given a bit of plastic sprue, some nail polish and a couple of paper clips I'm sure he could construct devices that would make MacGyver shake his head in disbelief.

    But the thing that I believe links us most strongly is not the images themselves but the tales behind them. I lose count of the hours spent waiting for aircraft to arrive that were filled with Nigel uttering the phrase "There I was..." or "Once when I was in Morocco filming..." and I knew I was in for a treat. His grasp of history is epic and as a result I am now somewhat familiar with Cockney rhyming slang.

    Nigel is more than a master photographer, he is my friend and I am the better for knowing him."

    November 30th, 2008

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    Keith Reeder says:

    "I only took up bird photography in about 2004.

    As I was finding my photographic feet, I remember being hugely impressed by some of Nigel's Little owl images at the time, and had the specific thought that "one day I hope to be able to take pictures as good as these..."

    Time passed, and I made some progress, all the while taking inspiration from Nigel's work.

    About three years ago I bumped into the man himself at Titchwell RSPB. By this time Nigel was something of a hero(!) of mine, and yet - without initially having any idea who I was - he took time out of his day to talk to me, he shared tricks and tips, and even told me something about his past and how he got to where he was.

    He didn’t have to do any of that.

    I've run into him several times since, and each time he's been just as generous with his time and his hard-won knowledge.

    That sort of thing can leave a lasting impression, and so it is with me: Nigel is not only a superbly skilled and versatile photographer, but he's a nice guy too - his justifiable confidence in his abilities never crosses the line into arrogance.

    I remain as awe-struck by his images now as I was when I saw my first, and I also consider him to be a friend. I have good cause to be very grateful to Nigel for both his jaw-dropping photographs and for his help, and the fact that I even feel I'm able to think of myself as "a bird photographer" rather than "just another bloke with a camera" is in no small part thanks to Nigel.

    Keith Reeder"

    March 7th, 2009

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    Vinsco Air Flickr says:

    "In 2010 I was privileged to have Nigel Blake as my photography tutor for the day when I won the Photoplus Magazine prize "Apprentice for the day" in the August 2010 edition. Nigel has helped me to not only learn more about photography, but also to opened my eyes more to what I was missing when it was staring me in the face and this expanded my interest in Mil Air "Thank you for that Nigel"

    Nigel is great tutor he had a massive amount of patience and provided excellent leymans terms for some harder techy talk subjects in photography. The day I spent with Nigel on the shoot was packed to the edges with useful tips and technique improvements, I would highly recomend Nigel as a first class photography tutor should anyone ever feel the need to get a better understanding of what a camera can do in their hands. Thanks to Nigel my technique has improved so much that I have outgrown my Canon 550D and upgraded to a Canon 7D. Thank you Nigel for taking the time to teach an old dog some new tricks."

    May 10th, 2011

Nigel Blake
March 2008
Hertfordshire, UK
I am:
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