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Hiya! My name's Nicole, or Kolie, Ni-Kolie, Colieface, Nicoliecoleee, or Friv. As you can see I have many nicknames. People also call me nice, cute, caring, fun, and down-to-earth which sometimes can get a little strange, but I roll with it. I'm that girl, the one that hangs out with all the guys because she can't stand being around girls all the time. On the inside, I'm a goof ball, a dork really. I really love computers, cameras, and pretty much all technology. I also really love my mac, even though it's not made for gaming like a gaming pc. (I should really get one of those) I attempt to game on my mac, but it hasn't been working out to well for me.

Anyway. I'm an artist. Thats all you need to know about me. I live, breathe, and dream in color and creativity. I enjoy fashion intensely and hope to one day become a designer of some sort. As of now though, I'm at college in Dartmouth studying Graphic Design and one day I hope to work for a magazine company like Nylon or something of that sort.

I first started modeling the summer I graduated High School and I haven't stopped since. I really enjoy being in front of the camera, and what can I say, my friends take good pictures! (Thanks guys!) I really hope to continue this career in hopes of becoming a part-time photographer/model/something later in life.

What can I say? I live for ART.

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August 2007
East Longmeadow
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Female and Single