Computer programmer by day, sometime hobby photographer by night. I particularly enjoy small flash photography in the strobist style.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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    Bald Monk says:

    "Apart from being a great Photographer, Nick is completely generous and open with his willingness to share his techniques. The DIY makes and the setup shots which follow a great shot are great for the photog community and fellow strobists."

    7th April, 2011

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    Akram Photo says:

    "You are very clever :)

    Thanks for sharing you Setups

    I owe you So much"

    22nd September, 2009

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    .Shap. says:

    "I have to say I've learned so much from your stream, going to school for the arts I have learned nothing.... the only thing I've learned from photography in the study is from your flickr site... thanks so much for teaching the rest of us how to use lighting equipment to the professional level!"

    6th October, 2009

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    Andrés Arbelaez says:

    "just one word... MAGNIFICENT!"

    7th August, 2009

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    K Teezy says:

    "one word....inspiring!!!!"

    22nd July, 2009

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    ßlind Point says:

    " interesting and kind photographer"

    4th July, 2009

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    josephchan749 says:

    "Nick is a genius! Love all his experiment and step by step guide. Hope he will publish a book one day ( I am sure a lot of us will love to have a copy for inspiration and motivation! All the best!"

    17th June, 2009

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    Jf.vallee  says:

    "ce mec sait dompter la lumière ... il réalise de merveilleuses images."

    8th April, 2009

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    [Jenn Lee] says:

    "Over the past year, I have been inspired by Nicks vision, DIY's, Setup Tutorials. His compositions always have such a wow factor, and he is truly a unique individual, always willing to share his knowledge. I wish him continued happiness in all his endeavors."

    2nd March, 2009

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    VampzX_23 says:

    "Nick, one of the few ingenius photo gurus of flickr. Credits to nick for teaching everyone the tools of the trade"

    31st January, 2009

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    20MBIE says:

    Admiro mucho tu trabajo, me agrada la manera en que muestras como lograr un resultado que es impresionante."

    27th January, 2009

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    akhater says:

    "Creative in his shots, Ingenious in his setups and generous with his knowledge.

    I'm really glad I met Nick !"

    20th January, 2009

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    fototest1 says:

    Gran fotografo...(a pesar de que su obra minimalista es un poco oscura)
    Gran persona
    Nick eres lo mas grande...Idolo
    Saludos desde Chile"

    29th December, 2008

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    RC_77 says:

    "Alow me to do it in spanish
    En efecto, no tengo mucho tiempo en Flickr, pero he revisado, y dado vueltas por páginas y colecciones de muchos fotógrafos, algunos con habilidades impresionantes, otros con egos enormes, pero el Sr. fotógrafo Nick, es el más sensato y humilde, pues no tiene ningún enfado en compartir sus técnicas, experiencias y "trucos" para lograr disparos espectaculares.
    Felicidades y Gracias.

    Me declaro su fan, y seguidor.

    Desde México"

    16th December, 2008

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    Kevin Brown Art Photography says:

    "Nicks work is amazing and a great source of inspiration for me. He setup shots provide great insightm and is a one stop shot for fledgling strobists like myself. Well done Nick!"

    15th December, 2008

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    Jorge Takeshita says:

    "Flickring, I just found nickwheeleroz.
    His work is amazing and his tutorials are the best thing for me as a hobist.
    Congrats for your photos!"

    28th October, 2008

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    Filipe Ghirardello says:

    "Nick, I´ve never wrote testimonials @ flickr before, however your pictures and advices are really impressive and helps tons of people around the globe. Thank you for sharing your experiences! -- Your new brazilian 'contact', Filipe Ghirardello."

    4th September, 2008

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    europa70 says:

    "I'm not one to write testimonials just to stroke egos, but Nick deserves every word of praise. He consistently produces interesting and eye-catching pictures often using everyday objects as subjects and lighting equipment that is not "only in your dreams". As well, there is always the setup shot to explain how he did it - no secrets, only support. Many of my best shots were inspired by Nick's work and helped by his kind advice. Finally, on a personal note I am always pleased to see that despite having over 2000 contacts at the time of this writing, Nick still has time to regularly comment on my photostream. A gentleman photographer indeed."

    10th August, 2008

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    Greg Cee says:

    "Nick Wheeler is a national photographic treasure! His technical ability and creativity is simply brilliant and his DIY light modifying device construction skills often leave me speechless. The great bonus for the rest of us is that he is fully prepared to share his knowledge in true strobist style. For that, I know the Flickr community is very grateful.

    He is always a great source of inspiration and fun for me. I wish him a very happy first birthday on Flickr and I am proud to call him a ture Flickr friend!"

    30th July, 2008

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    That Guy Who's Going Places says:

    "Fantastic photographer. His creativity seems only to be matched by his technical skills. I appreciate that he shares his work the way he does. The time and detail he seems to pour into each shot, and it's description for those that are so interested to see how his magic is made, genius!"

    18th July, 2008

  • view profile says:

    "Nick combines a profund knowledge of technique with an incredible amount of creativity. I have to say thank you for your great shots and inspirations and for your "setup shots" which made me understand strobist lighting."

    13th June, 2008

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    Ian Hayhurst says:

    "Nick is that rare and spectacular combination of talents that you wouldn't ever normally find in one person. He has the imagination of a dreamer, the fascination of a child, the drive of a perfectionist. Couple this with the clarity of explanation of a born teacher and you have and individual that I think flickr should consider his membership one of their primary assets."

    3rd June, 2008

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    Imesh says:

    "It's really hard to find people who share their knowledge for the benefit of others. Great work nickwheeleroz!! Keep it up!!"

    18th May, 2008

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    proggirl says:

    "Great photography!
    I'd like to learn from you,cause you're doing a nice job!
    Greetings a lot from Italy!"

    9th May, 2008

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