I take a keen interest in all sorts of photography and have a Canon 5D mk III, Canon 70D and an old Panasonic GF1 micro four-thirds format camera. I have also just bought an Olympus OMD EM-1 mk II with 12-40mm Pro lens for my cabin bag. I am looking forward to getting to know this fantastic camera in more depth !

I like wildlife, landscapes, urban landscapes, flowers, all sorts of stuff.

I am fairly purist and do not like HDR nor photos overmanipulated with Photoshop. Some fine tuning of brightness and contrast is as far as I will go !

10th April 2009 30,000 views reached.
31st October 2010 50,000 views reached.
9th February 2010 242,502 total views reached.
11th February 2010 10,127 daily views - the highest recorded.

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Nick Warner
March 2005
Windsor, England
I am:
Male and Single
Airline (Commercial)