This FLICKR account is to help archives around the world identify unknown films in their collection. We will do our best to post what information is known about each film along with the frame scans. If you are able to provide any information such as title, actor, approximate date, or anything helpful then please leave a comment.


Films that have multiple frame scans have been grouped into albums. By clicking on the album information will appear that applies to all of the frame scans from that reel of film. We suggest that you navigate these photos through their albums so as to see all of the information that is provided.


The Nitrate Film Interest Group (now called Nitrate Committee) is a part of the Association of Moving Image Archivists' interest groups. Check out AMIA at The Nitrate Film Interest Group is dedicated to promoting education about nitrate film as well as functioning as a resource for those interested in and working with nitrate film by becoming a major resource for archivists' needs.


Questions about these scans can be posted to the scan comments. If you have a frame scan of an unidentified film, any questions about the Nitrate Film Interest Group or this account an email can be sent to


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