visit and because i don't update flickr enough and have different things in different places. i can be emailed: camera @

it's come to my attention that someone has been taking images and cropping my name out, and then emailing them to people. now i'm not sure if that's to claim they shot them instead of me; but if you happen to see something out there you think or know i shot without my watermark, please let me know!

i don't mind if you use my photos on your facebook/blog/whatever as long as i'm credited, so please leave the watermark. if you are using an image that does not have the watermark with my name on it, please credit the photo to Gavin Gould Photography. once in a while someone asks to buy a print or hire me for something, and those small amounts of money help offset the costs of giving the rest of this stuff away for free, so please keep that in mind.

i don't want to put really big watermarks on the images, but i will to protect my work.

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gavin gould
May 2005
muskegon, michigan
chicago, illinois, united states
I am:
never drown out
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