Nether is a urban art campaign that hopes to impact and beautify BMORE’s bleakness through vibrant street art with the hopes of evoking public discussion. The pieces that are wheatpasted to the chosen (usually vacant) facades comment on the city below the smog and the forces that have brought it to it’s shameful state. Nether sees his work as a force that solidifies people's connections to locations in the city that are distinctly Baltimore. The quest is mearly an attempt to reclaim and recycle the tragic landscape. This city is a place that is simultaneously loved and hated for bringing both contentment and fear, anger and joy; it's vibe is a permeating force that becomes part of every mind experiencing it's poetic chaos. The intent is to relentlessly pursue capturing that beauty in the mundane, that excitement in the fear, and whatever force brings out the orange and purple as a heart-felt declaration of true Bmore pride. OWN.YOUR.CITY

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