I'm interested in the human body, particularly the male body, which I think it's been neglected and stigmatized.

I know I'm not the chiseled, well-groomed, defined, gorgeous, perfect model -I'm just a normal guy- so anyhow, I place myself in front of the camera and shoot... In the most artistic, conceptual and original way I can think of.

"The real challenge is being my photographer, not my model" - azt

"I wish I had access to other male models to shoot; being the model and the photographer simultaneously makes it more difficult and limiting" - Arthur78

If you wanna pose for me, let me know. If you want me to pose for you, let me know! TFP 0K.

Due to Flickr Police being very strict, most of my nude photo is under "Friend" status in order to keep this account "safe" and not get deleted.

If you "Follow" me, thanks! If you also make me "Friend/Family", thanks very much! I will do the same IF you share the same as me (pics of yourself) in your stream.

NOTE: I also reserve myself the right to add you as any of both; nothing against you, just a personal decision.

Cheers! :-)

PS: I'm in many pics on my photostream, if you can't figure out that I'm old enough to watch/post adult material, you've got problems :-/

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December 2007
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Male and Single