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Would like to thank Atila for sponsoring me here and for having sponsored me for years on Fotolog, where we met a couple of years ago. You rock, man! Love you!

Also special thanks to Michael, for sponsoring me on Fotolog now, but above all, for being the most generously kind person and most amazing friend I have ever had the opportunity to synergize with.
Michael, your friendship is priceless to me!

Kiss-your-feet thank you to Chucky who have also sponsored me on flickr for 2 years now. Your friendship means a lot to me, buddy!

Looking for friends all over the world.

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Lots of love.

Photos of nepenthes (4)

  • NYC Boy by Alfredo Cordova Martinez
  • Os alquimistas estão chegando... by eulina rego
  • The Making Of by .Tatiana.
  • The Group by .Tatiana.

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Testimonials (9)

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    Jakes_World says:

    "I met Nep many many years ago.. cannot even remember how... on fotolog. ;) I love this man. He has kept my attention thru all the lovely ways he finds to capture the world around him. I wish I could be him... just for a day. XOOX, my freind"

    September 28th, 2012

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    20257 pumpkin ; says:


    December 23rd, 2007

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    JakeCampbell says:

    "Symbolic genius, stimulator of the fires of the unconscious, of the soul! Artist of initiation! Artist of spirit and flesh! Artist of Mind!!!

    Nepenthes, Helcio, mesmerized and enchanted me over a year ago when I first viewed his whole photo collection on FLICKR. It was as though I had found myself on another planet, on a beautiful beach in the night, breezes and stars whisping and jetting through my entire being. Such are the silver and platinum strands of energy that leap from his photos and through each our minds, hearts and souls!

    He invigorates. He energizes. He beautifies, and enchantingly transforms everything he sees with his magical-mystical eyes into precious nourishment for our souls. Like true love, and the mystical Tantric sexual experience, he opens us into an ecstasy of participatory exhilaration, and then, after a moments delay, he induces orgasmic inner depth responses to the beauty he reveals to us.

    He intentionally presents this beauty for us to see in his photos. Alchemist and shaman, he generates within us male and female energies (Yin & Yang Chi) that like great vehicles (Mahayana) carry us to ever deepening experience within our minds and hearts. Then, after we are enlivened with this new power, his hand lightens and we find that his touch has set us independently into contact with our own inner light, and beauty. The Fundamental is penetrated! As if by magic, Helcio, points the way that cannot be told, and we find ourselves standing on this bedrock of creation.

    In all his work we find he induces a paradox within us: He both makes us hungry and sensually desirous of more and more! Then the opposite: Zen-like he shakes us free from attachment to his images and photos, and leaves us silently to retreat into our deepest selves. He opens the door and shows us the way to KNOW beauty and aesthetic pleasures that belong only to us. He creates an inner atmosphere in us as viewers which sensitizes us to our own creations. He prepares us to know our very own artistic and symbolic inventions which he has excited into being within us.

    For a while Helcio propels us into a mood and atmosphere which seems unique and brand new, and it is as if we never have seen or heard anything authentically before that very moment.

    It is very easy for me to day I love Helcio, and am devoted to him like a brother, even though we've not met. He opens my heart to life. I send to him all I can of my appreciation and my praise. I wish to hug him and kiss his cheeks and tell him of the great fire he has lit in my being! But, it is unnecessary, for he knew of this artistic fire long before me.

    Helcio is a great man. He is truly and fundamentally humble. He is totally unselfish as an artist and as a human being!

    Helcio is one example of the phenomenon happening in our world at this time: the young are wiser than the old, and more intelligent, and gifted. So, with this said, I admit that I am secretly his humble student!

    Love to you brother Helcio, Handsome Prince of Sao Paulo!!!! From your friend near New Orleans, Glenn."

    September 16th, 2006

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    ≈ Krhyptex ≈ says:

    " This is my first testimonial for somebody =D
    In any case i can write only few words 'bout Nep since i have some troubles with english language :P
    I knew this friend on fotolog (at that time i was so persuaded to talk with a woman=D) and i have been attracted by his wonderfull shoots.
    On every pic he has the ability to transmit a particular emotion ,rare attitude to find from an amatorial photographer (as he define himself)
    Well Nep what can I say more? I am so proud to know You ;)"

    October 1st, 2006

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    jimeli1 says:

    " This incredible man is so lovely in his visions and perceptions. His colors and textures of image.His statement and soul felt passion.Making tears of overwhelming joy spring to my eyes when I see his works. Giving me hope for the future of humanity.Thinking what an honor it might be to share a cup of coffee and a conversation with him one day?? Learning of his views on the life and of people.
    I feel fortunate to be able to share a tiny window of Helcio's brilliant and magic world..Thank you Helcio...."

    June 19th, 2006

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    rok star says:

    "Sunny, Emotional, Lovely.
    I love especially the last pict of the day: the leaf with drop of water."

    December 9th, 2005

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    Chuck LaChance says:

    "One of the nicest and talented people on Flickr. His talents are growing with each picture. His insight and beauty of pictures are rare."

    November 13th, 2005

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    Atila says:

    "Its hard to write something about Helcio. Only because I love him so much, care for him so much. I am afraid not be fair, but here I go.
    Since the old days in fotolog I have seen how his curiosity and love for photography is taking him to places...good places.
    His images are varied in subjects and approach. From wonderful day to day vision of his life and himself to one of a kind landscapes, buildings, situations. What I admire the most is his hunger for knowledge, he is not afraid to ask for your advice.
    Helcio I think you are super talented and with a unique sense of composition.
    You will only get better and better my friend."

    May 21st, 2005

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    flick_this says:

    "Nep, you are definitely a one-of-a-kind. What that is we have all yet to figure out...but definitely unique. We love you!"

    October 2nd, 2004

Hélcio Fernandes
October 2004
Niterói, RJ, Brazil
I am:
English Teacher and Photographer