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I live and work in Manchester and have been taking photography seriously since 2005 when I finally got myself a half decent camera. Since then, I've now advanced to a Nikon DSLR's and am now have a D40 and a D80.

I love all photography, with my main interests focusing on (pardon the pun!) Macros, Landscapes, Architecture, Action and most DEFINITELY, Experimental shots, FIRE proving to be my most successful. I love to capture the moment as can easily be seen in my array of fire shots.

Macros interest me in two distinct ways. The first of course is the obvious demonstration of detail whilst the other is much more practical.

When I can't make it out to a sweeping location or great land or cityscapes, macros allow for great photography in an obviously confined space!!!! But is also draws on your eye and techniques to hide some obvious unattractive details in the background. Bless Depth of Field and low F stops!!!!

But as my skills and exposure have increased, I've moves, tentatively into more nuts and bolts photography, such as Portraits, Parties etc... But this is in not my main interest, which is more artistic and leaning towards exhibitions etc...

I'm also interested in Commission work, such as Architecture, Location Family Portraits, as studio work is not my thing, sorry, or anything that you may need a picture of such as products or works of your own. I'm even interested in photographing bands and gigs, but don't feel that I have the required experience just yet.

But before you all start banging my door down to photograph your wedding, hair styles, dough nuts or new builds, my main focus at the moment is to sell Prints, both framed and simple.

I have also being selling Licences to my work for a couple of years now, and am also happy to lend the use of my images to non-profits organisations, groups or artists upon request. So please feel free to ask, it can't do any harm...

So feel free to message me anytime with any enquiries about PRINTS or any other commission queries.

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Selected images have now been posted on JPG Magazine

Selected images are now available through

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work. I certainly enjoy everyone else's.


Grey Light

"Watching Time"

Watching Time

"Water Wall"

Water Wall

nEoPOL. Get yours at

Face In The Flame

This image was sold last year to a U.S. ad agency and is now under license until November 2012.

This has become my most successful image to date.

This has also been used by the following website:

This photo was the winner of second place of the "GR8! Photos Contest #27", August 2008

This photo was the winner of "The 4 Elements Fire Contest", May 2008

This is my first image to reach the 1,000 views mark! 1st May 2008, two weeks after being posted.

This has since gone on to receive over 125,000 views, by January 2012


"Grey Light"

Tree Burn

Winner of the 16th Contest of BREATHTAKING Group (Including the "Breathtaking Gold Award")


Nikon D80 DSLR 10.1 mp
Nikon D40 DSLR 6.1mp
Nikon Nikkor DX 18 - 55mm
Nikon Nikkor DX 55 - 200mm
Sigma 70 - 300mm Macro
Circular Polarising Filter
Yamata 430 Flash Gun
Nikon Stutter Remote
Hama Tripod
Tamrac Camera Bag

Kodak Z740 Compact 5mp
(38 - 380mm)

Samsung Galaxy Ace Camera Phone

Vivitar Vivicam 3768 Compact 3mp

HP IPAQ rx3000 (PDA Cameraphone) 1.2mp
(This camera has finally given up :-( )


Nikon D80 DSLR 10.1mp
Nikkor DX 55 - 200mm

Nature Style

Nikon D40 DSLR 6.1mp
Nikkor DX 18 - 55mm

Blue Drop

Kodak Z740 Compact 5mp
(38 - 380mm)

All The Threes...

Samsung Galaxy Ace Camera Phone

Negative Abstract

Vivitar Vivicam 3768 Compact 3mp

Albert's Fountain

HP IPAQ rx3000 (PDA Cameraphone) 1.2mp


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