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Hi! Im Sarah, a 22 year old creator from NH, USA.

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    The girl. Amelia. says:

    "I'd always heard on flickr about sarah and one day i decided to check her out. cue me gaining a smile while clicking through the pages of her stream. i think i can honestly and truely say that sarah is one of a kind. she's a charming, sweet and lovely girl. while also being a incredible editor for racing minds. and a rather wonderful photographer, paticularly her film, yes that inspires me so much. I see so much for you in the future when i look at your work. I swear one day i'll pick up a magazine in a shop and see 'Sarah Nieman' written across it.


    August 20th, 2011

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    kay rodri says:

    "this girl is beautiful and lovely and sweet and she's adorable when she uses random objects to make moustaches on skype :) racing minds is magnificent and has expanded so much since it's first issue over a year ago, all thanks to her. but i mostly love her because she has this magical quality to her photographs, and she is so passionate about her art. she is an awe-inspiring person, the kind everyone should have in their lives.

    most importantly, in this amazing photographer, magazine editor, and inspiration, i have found a friend :)"

    July 29th, 2011

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    rosa joy says:

    "This girl is exceptionally talented, exceptionally brave, and exceptionally lovely. Sarah, your photographs hold quiet simplicity with the ability to shout, and your magazine has brought smiles to more faces than you know about."

    July 24th, 2011

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    nicole▲wu says:


    And your photos are just phenomenal, really. You are such an inspiration and you are so incredibly sweet! Might I add, Racing Minds is a fantastic magazine in which I always look forward to reading. I can't wait to see more from you!

    Oh and... Stop poking me on Facebook!"

    December 10th, 2010

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    ailin rachael hyde says:

    "WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS/?!? siriusly.

    oh sarah, there's really nothing i can really say about you in this little white box that can contain how much i love you.
    truthfully, before i (on a whim, if you want the truth) started talking to you in june, i had heard about you, you seemed to be everywhere on flickr, actually.

    from our harry potter-ness, tokbox, racing minds, facebook, and everything in between, let me say:
    you are the apple to my pie and the straw to my berry."

    November 28th, 2010

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    ruby.sue says:

    "With all sincerity,
    I think you're a wonderfully talented photographer!"

    July 23rd, 2010

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    Whitney Justesen says:

    "Dear Sarah,

    You're amazing and I love you. Kbye.


    July 2nd, 2010

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    sophisticated icicle says:

    "sarah sarah sarah
    i don't know why i haven't written you a testimonial yet, i feel so dumb. i remember when i first came upon your stream, it was about a year ago (with my old account) and i was in awe. i remember i use to go to your stream daily to make sure i didn't miss any of your uploads ( i know i'm a nerd). your a truly amazing photographer my dear.
    in my opinion, you film shots are the best i have seen on this site. they are so wonderful.
    from the painting of your face
    to your lanscapes
    to your films
    to your portraits
    to your videos
    and to your outstanding concepts

    you are such an inspiration to me, and to all of flickr. don't ever stop taking pictures, ever. thank you so much. you are wonderful :)"

    April 19th, 2010

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    aniamh says:

    "Sarah's film shots always makeme jealous. But in a good way, of course. I've never seen somebody who is able to put a story into a simple object. Her photos hold so much. Please never stop, Sarah!"

    March 20th, 2010

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    fluttering coast says:

    "i really wish Sarah would always smile. (:"

    March 18th, 2010

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    between two lungs says:

    "SARAH. i met Sarah. we were surrounded by several 50 year olds. it was awkward but it was so awesome. she is the reason i like to make paper cranes. and she made me realize that i need an intervention when it comes to Tumblr. Sarah is awesome. Sarah is amazing. i cannot wait to see Sarah again. (:"

    February 16th, 2010

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    JSFauxtaugraphy says:

    "We haven't talked in like.. 6 months...or longer, and I hate her now.. >:(

    lol jk. shes awesome haha xD"

    February 3rd, 2010

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    caitlin angelica says:

    "Sarah, is one of the nicest people i know here on flickr, i love the way she treats people.
    Her photography is just lovley and i am in love with the film she develops.
    Please keep going with this wonderful talent of yours sarah :D

    also don't let anyone get you down :P


    January 19th, 2010

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    Tess Mayer says:

    "You are so nice.
    And your film pictures are the best."

    January 19th, 2010

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    alex [in wonderland] says:

    my goodness this is long overdue
    and it will be edited very often to cram more goodness into it
    you are my first friend on flickr and the most incredible person.
    your photos inspire me to be me and not just an image. The honesty is overwhelming and don't even get me started on the brilliance of your film.
    I cannot wait until we can actually meet and have a brilliant and epic photo shoot filled with film.
    you. are. incredible.
    the end. (for now)"

    January 10th, 2010

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    Kelly Rosen says:

    "Dear Sarah,

    You are a true inspiration. You never give up, no matter what others have to say. You find such a wonderful acceptance in yourself that I will never be able to accomplish. Your film pictures are incredible. You have a passion that is very evident when viewing your stream. You have so much potential and grow so much with your photography. You have such wonderful, supportive contacts and it isn't hard to see why. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Please don't ever lose your grasp on that.

    your interesting, awkward, tap-dancing, cliche buddy.

    December 26th, 2009

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    caiti borruso says:

    "First of all, Sarah and film are a godly pair.
    Second of all, she is so sweet and nice.
    Third of all, we're FILM BUDDIES! :D

    Cheers to the second lamest testimonial ever.


    December 26th, 2009

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    important trends says:

    "Sarah is incredible! she is such a nice person and takes amazing photographs. we write letters to each other :) she is my flickr best friend.

    Sarah is awesome, and if you don't know agree then you're dumb.

    :) :) :) Liz"

    December 18th, 2009

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    megan ■ says:

    "Sarah is pretty much the nicest person ever.
    Her pictures are beautiful, as is she.
    I also loooove her interviews.
    Long story short, Sarah's incredible."

    December 9th, 2009

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    esparist says:

    "sarah is one of the sweetest people i've ever met, not to mention she takes gorgeous photos (: i can't wait to see more from her!"

    November 22nd, 2009

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    eduarda b. says:

    "i suck at writing testimonials
    your simpleness inspires me
    most of the time"

    November 18th, 2009

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    Kirsten Beth says:

    "sarah- your work is beautiful and genuine. I know that I do not know you very well but from what I do know you seem like an incredibly lovely person :)"

    October 20th, 2009

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    {peace&love♥} says:

    "Sarah is talented, creative, nice, epic, talented, lovely, dazzling, smart, sparkly like a vampire, interesting, talented, friendly, amazing, awesome, awesomely amazing, and did I say talented?"

    October 15th, 2009

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    sará. says:

    "I want to know Sarah. I mean, first off, she has the same name as me, so she's obviously radical. Two, I just looked through pages and pages of her stream and felt a creative wave hit me, so that says something. She is much more personal than many people on this site, I feel as though through her photos I can connect to her, and that is an amazing skill to have as a photographer, weather you want it or not. I can't wait to ask Sarah questions and learn more about her, the story behind her photos."

    October 3rd, 2009

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    flaky flame says:

    "Well there's alot I could say about Sarah, But I'm going to say first that you are so amazingly nice. And your photography is No exception. I Love how you experiment with different things, Because I'm Terrified to do that.
    And Your interviews are wonderful, All of them.

    August 28th, 2009

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    MarissaAShea says:

    "lets make this short, sweet and to the point.

    sarah is my best flickr friend, hands down.

    and i am a great judge of character.


    August 24th, 2009

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    kaitlyn ferris says:

    "sarahs one of my favorites here on flickr, she always has the sweetest things to say about my work and always has been so friendly! her streams showed so much improvement lately and i love checking it out :)

    ps you just left me the cutest testimonial ever, thank you :)

    you're such a good person, continue doing what you do girl."

    August 21st, 2009

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    leahwithaspoon says:

    "i enjoy editing testimonials. ;)


    there's too much to say here, so this is going in LIST FORMAT!!!! 8D

    you're awesome.
    you're an amazing photographer.
    you'll go plaid shirt shopping with me.
    even if you won't actually go over the bridge, you'll put a toe on it. :)
    you have awesomeawesomeawesome hair that i want.
    you're an amazing photographer.
    you make pillows that say i'm lame.
    you laugh at the spastic little drawings i do for you, even if they suck.
    you make faces on apples.
    you'll make an awesome stop motion with me at some point.
    you're an amazing photographer.
    you'll have a pickiness contest with me (and we'll tie).
    you'll go tramping through the woods to find some barbed wire and water to take pictures of.
    you'll endure my shouts of "I AM AQUAMAN!!!!". least for a while.
    you'll giggle at the funny people going by us as we peoplewatch, no matter if it's at school or the mall.
    even though you don't like hunting, you'll still listen to my hunting stories...up to a point. ;)
    you can (sort of) calm me down when i go insane (mwahaha) in the hall, which is no mean feat, hahaha.
    you'll (mostly) listen to my nonsensical rants. and be able to decipher what i meant at the end (no matter how much you say you can't).
    you'll probably read this entire epic testimonial just to see what it says.
    you'll encourage my photography (even when it's actually really crappy).
    you'll drink milk with me until we pretty much explode.
    you'll sit there and shake your head as me and melanie poke each other and make funny noises.
    you'll sit there with me until we come up with a good idea for the leah and sarah show (or do many takes until the randomness is too awesome to take).
    you'll list all the awesome things we need to do together on your cell phone (even though it probably won't happen besides plaid shirt shopping and bike riding).
    you'll laugh at my stupid jokes.
    you'll spot new hotties, and get angry when you can't see the new ones i've spotted, or when you can't show me yours.
    you'll indulge (and participate in) my shouting of "WE'RE ON THE WRONG SIDE!!!!" and switching.
    you'll sneak up behind me or someone at my table at lunch, just to see how long it takes for them to notice you.
    you'll give me one of your awesome hugs if i'm sad.
    you'll obsess over twilight with me.
    you'll try to help me stop overthinking geometry in study hall.
    you'll take amazing videos at the pageant, and then play them over and over again just to relive the moment.
    you'll come up with actual bike routes for us to go on so we can take pictures.
    you'll know how to cheer me up no matter what.
    you'll probably freak out in happiness when i tell you that there is a neon orange crayon on my desk right now.
    you'll probably flickrmail me after you read that just to tell me that you WERE really happy about the neon orange crayon.
    you'll eat lettuce just to try it (even if you end up hating it).
    you'll let someone take a video of you eating said lettuce.
    you'll wear your speed suit to school along with your bib, not caring what anyone else thinks.
    you'll text a random guy on your team to try to get him to wear his too, only to be disappointed by the fact that he has a lacrosse game the following day and can't wear it because he has to wear his lacrosse stuff.
    you'll tell me i cut oranges with a plastic spoon even though it was really an apple.
    you'll have me come up with questions for your interview just from me (and then actually ask them and put them up, even when they include light fixtures).
    you'll keep trying to get your testimonial for me as long as mine for you, even though it'll never happen. ;)
    you probably get really excited (or at least smile while shaking your head in disbelief) every time i update this small novel.
    you'll laugh when this eventually gets so long that flickr has a hiccup and won't let me publish it because it's so long.
    you'll also laugh when i get really pissed when it does that.
    you'll ALSO laugh when you find out that i just got really excited by finding out that i can make the box bigger, so i can see what i've written.
    your first thought when finding out that you may go to college with some hot guy is to flickrmail me and tell me about it.
    you'll probably burst out laughing when you see the shirt i'm going to wear tomorrow.
    you'll get frustrated when you find out that no, i'm not going to tell you what it looks like now, just to increase the suspense.
    you'll go in the hot tub in the snow with me.
    you'll sometimes get out of said hot tub into the cold for a while just so we can giggle when it feels all tingly.
    you'll understand when i say i have to stop updating now to see if i can eat some ice cream before i go to bed.
    youll go on 16 mile bike rides with me and then turn around after 10 miles because it's all uphill.
    youll let me glomp you and then get disappointed if i forget.
    youll listen to npsh with me.
    youll have me recite a soliloquoy for the leah and sarah show, because we can.
    youll make sarah idol for the leah and sarah show, because we can.
    youll paint your face just to take pictures. (and let me do it with you even though my face looks a bit like mush.)
    youll come with me to my locker on (most) b days so we can stay arm locked (even though you sometimes go the other way), and then do synchronized skipping with me.
    youll take kerri's side in telling all of us that cake is not a pastry (even though it is).
    youll get pissed when i poke you in the stomach sometimes, but it's the times you giggle that count.
    you won't even question me anymore when i shout random things such as "NINJA!" or "I WIN!" into empty space due to some thought that was going through my head at the moment. you just shake your head and smile.
    youll save me an entire page in your yearbook (even though you still didn't let me finish yet).
    youll love me (most of the time) even though i'm a complete idiot. (love you too.)
    youll probably laugh when you read that i had a plastic spoon throughout my geometry test and geo final (and that neither teacher questioned it).
    youll probably flickrmail me and go holy crap leah enough updates??! when you find out that i added like another novel length to this already novel-length epicly awesome testimonial.
    youll again understand when i say i have to stop updating now even though i'll probably do so again later or tomorrow because it is now 815 and i still haven't eaten dinner.
    youll tell me when someone else has likely beaten me for the longest testimonial you have, because you know i will be completely heartbroken.
    youll also climb onto the roof for a picture in a dress.
    youll be my model for the day, but only because we're doing photography projects on each other.
    youll make epic collab stop motions.
    youll make signs just to do that.
    youll read this and laugh because i'm actually trying to get this so long that flickr can't comprehend it.
    youll read that last one and think "wow, leah is really stupid."
    youll read THAT last one and think "wow, leah reads my mind."
    youll understand when i say that there is a pencil sharpener next to me, and that it's staring me down.
    youll also understand when i say "LOL BOUNCING LITTLE GIRL." clapclap
    youll probably be really disgusted when i tell you that i saw a candy shop selling chocolate covered orange peel today.
    youll probably laugh, however, when i tell you that in that candy shop, some guy giggled and yelled "it's a squirrely!!!" when he saw one outside the window. (he was probably 17, and and extreme tough guy.)
    youll take your hair down when it's really hot out, because you love me enough so that i can get a good picture of you :D
    youll laugh at my idiocy in that last statement.
    youll probably check your profile after accepting this just to see if i accomplished my goal of making this so long that flickr cannot comprehend it yet.
    youll cry when you realize i haven't.
    youll flickrmail me to tell me that i haven't so that i will be able to achieve this goal.
    youll laugh when you realize you were actually going to do this. (or when you realize that you weren't, but are going to now.)
    youll tell me to climb into a wardrobe so that you can get a fun picture.
    youll actually try to make said wardrobe into narnia at my request.
    youll probably tell hanna that i might have gotten my testimonial longer again. (just to keep this going. you know you like it.)
    youll shake your head and sigh and say either, "oh leah." or, "leah leah leah." when you see this, but read the whole thing anyway, just to get these bits of comedic gold. (not really.)
    youll know as soon as you read this that i am completely out of ideas for the moment and am going to leave this, and then do some more later.
    youll go see harry potter with me, even though it's your 2nd or 3rd time and it's my 2nd. we're cool like that.
    youll warn me of the dangers of my teachers this year whether i want it or not, because you love me and care too much for my mental safety to not warn me.
    youll limp on both legs with me when we get sunburns.
    you wont float in the ocean with a dress on, but youll promise to do so later on in a lake.
    youll try getting out far enough in the ocean to float in it, no matter how cold the water is here.
    youll have epic photoshoots with me every time i come to your house or you come to mine. we never run out of things to do.
    especially when dresses come into the picture.
    youll trust me with the poses i put you in (sometimes) because they come out good. in the right light.
    youll be surprised to find out that most of those poses DID come out good from our epic photoshoot.
    youll be elated to discover that i have, once again, edited your testimonial with several strange but true comments.
    maybe not, but still. now you are.
    youll laugh when i tell you that my legs are still gigantically red.
    youll rant about things that are awesome or extremely bad with me.
    youll listen to any kind of music, which makes me happy because i don't have to worry about finding something that youll like. because you don't care. it works out.
    youll listen to me rant about anything, even if it's something you don't care about. (mostly.)
    youll make pincer noises with me.
    youll probably agree when i say daniel radcliffe was definitely high when the shot the scenes with felix.
    youll feel refreshed by the new things i'm putting on here when you come home from camping. *coughcatcoughahem*
    youll delete all the random crap you wrote on my testimonial when you realize that you can never attain the awesome length that this one has over the years. (well, months. years has a better dramatic effect.)
    youll get creeped out by my faceless picture of you, but all of yours are fine. (bahahahaha. just goes to show that i am a creepy person.)
    yours is the longest testimonial i've written. hands down. no contest.
    you're an amazing photographer.
    ^^^^ have i mentioned that enough??

    i loves youuuu :D


    (......most of the time.) ;) hehehe"

    August 14th, 2009

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    holly henry says:

    "sarahsarahSARAH!! im editing this noe becasue freaking flickr messed it up!!! :'(

    youuuu are amazing and i love your awesome random fun sweet creative personality. and i LOVEloveLOVE your deliciously random flickrmails. thats right. delicious :D your projects and stop motions are killer and youre gorgeous and i love your whole stream and GAH. i love you"

    July 24th, 2009

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    miss stake ! says:

    "omg, you. are. ahmazing.
    no, this is not butt kissing at its best.
    this me being in awe of your sheer talent.
    all my talent is like bellybutton lent to yours.
    it hurts.
    i cry myself to sleep because of it.
    no not really.
    but if i could, i would.
    and your editing skills are ahmazing.
    i wish i could have a huge contact base like you.
    and have ahmazing interviews.
    and be totally ahmazing like you.
    and you are beautiful to boot.
    right at this moment, i am jealous of you and your talent.
    looking at your photos makes me inspired to do something like that
    but it never comes out like yours.
    just you know, cool down on getting better.
    i kid, keep on getting better.
    i see you grow a lot with every photo. [:

    love always,
    miss stake!"

    July 23rd, 2009

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    Katie Lionheart says:

    "Sarahs photos are just so cute and clever she has such great ideas that I'm so jealous of! Her photos are just so lovely and shes pretty far into her 365 which shows so much dedication! Keep taking your sweet photos because i really like seeing them :) x"

    June 29th, 2009

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    melanielockwood says:

    "Sarah, you inspire me. Really. I love your photostream so so so so much! Each and everyone of your pictures is unique and you have such an amazing style! I love to see what your doing next, every picture is so creative, different and of course perfect :)
    Keep up your amazing work because I can't wait to see what else your going to do :)
    If you happen to not be Sarah's contact add her. Look at her stream, comment, favorite and whatever because you won't regret it!"

    June 27th, 2009

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    samara york says:

    i love looking at your stream because it shows the way you see the world - with a beauty that not everyone can obtain. you should be so proud of your work as it continues to grow and get better and better each day. you definitely get the attention you deserve here on flickr. and ps, thank you for being so kind and helpful. it's always a treat to meet such lovely people like yourself. :)"

    June 25th, 2009

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    mediopollito says:

    "Stumbling upon Sarah's stream (that's almost an alliteration =P) was one of the best things ever, because this girl is one of the kindest souls I've ever met!

    Plus, her pictures and videos are brilliant, and I can't wait to see more of her popping up in "my contacts photos!!!"

    :) Valerie"

    June 25th, 2009

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    kanelongden says:

    "I only just added Sarah as a contact, but I'm glad I did as her photostream is amazing. All her photos are so different which makes them so interesting to look it. Keep it up :)"

    June 24th, 2009

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    celeste li says:

    "sarah is one of THEEE nicest people i've met on flickr! and she's so humble too even though she's like a pro at photography. :) but i always enjoy looking for a new upload on her photostream because they're always something new and exciting! she takes risks and has such good ideas for her shoots. i really do envy how good she is sometimes. and i know she'll go far with photography because she's still so young and has a long way to go! so keep it up! :D"

    June 14th, 2009

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    jaydesphotos says:

    "where do i start...
    sarah sarah sarah!
    shes gotta be my favourite american on flickr :)
    shes just gorgeous
    and such a talented photographer,
    i adore following her stream and watching her improve!
    AND she has a heart of gold too and is such a cool person xD
    im really glad i have her as a flickr contact
    and a friend (even though shes the other side of the world, nearly) haha!

    June 11th, 2009

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    {D}anielle says:

    "sincerely sarah. is an amazing photographer!!! All of her pictures are SO creative and amazing!!!!! :D
    keep it up,

    June 7th, 2009

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    kkkkarl says:

    "okay, so i decided to travel from the very back page of sarah's photostream to the front. and image by image, second by second i felt myself becoming amazed at how much sarah improves with every photograph she takes. you are somebody i've definitely got my eye on in the flickr world, keep it up, i'm inspired by you!"

    June 1st, 2009

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    kindhearted society says:

    "Sarah's photography skills are evidently brilliant. She takes stunning, powerful shots everyday. And she herself, is beautiful, and captures wonderful self portraits. She comes up with amazing ideas, and her talent continues to grow!"

    May 31st, 2009

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    m ▲ says:

    "If you haven't talked to Sarah your either lame or...lame.
    This girl is amazing.
    Check out her stream. Favorite it. Comment it.
    You won't be sorry."

    May 26th, 2009

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    casimms says:

    "One of the most genuinly nice people on flickr. She has a good deal of great photos in her stream, and you can tell she has the drive and passion of photography. I'd like to see as much effort in other streams as I do see so in sarah's."

    May 2nd, 2009

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    Erica Mendoza says:

    "sarah, you're too sweet to me. seriously!"

    April 27th, 2009

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    marisa chafetz says:

    "i just found sarah on here. i really love all her pictures. they are real creative, and i love her ideas. and her bokeh:D keep up the great work!"

    April 26th, 2009

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    olivia house says:

    "Sarah is so creative! I love her photostream; it is filled with beautiful photos! She is an amazing photographer with so much talent and potential! Keep up the great work! :)

    April 25th, 2009

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    beth retro says:

    "i think sarah is amazing. she takes really interesting photographs and has a really creative mind which makes her photos a pleasure to look at. i'm really glad i met her on flickr. keep up the good work! :)"

    April 23rd, 2009

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    virgineyes says:

    "i really think you're improving and getting better
    keep up the good work"

    April 21st, 2009

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    Elisaa. says:

    "Okayyy- time for a edit!
    Sarah is pretty much my favorite person on FLICKR, like hardtime - I'd drop my life here and get on a plane, and just hug her to death. well not really, because I would kill myself if I killed Sarah, and many others would also kill me. BUT SHE'S THE BEST.

    I love her very muchhh"

    April 15th, 2009

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    OUCHcharley says:

    "hey guess what you're one of my favorite people on flickr & i love your pictures & i still have to interview you & you're super funny & you're going to be my closest flickr friend icanfeelit & i'm starting a club on flickr for people who hate you & nobody will join it because we all love you :]"

    April 12th, 2009

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    just hope says:

    ""Talented" doesn't even begin to describe Sarah. She has the amazing ability to push a button on a simple camera and make the product absolutely breathtaking. Seriously-- I wish I had HALF the creativity and magic that she does.

    One thing that strikes me about Sarah is her genuine self-confidence. Her natural beauty shines through in every photograph that she takes. Again, something that I envy. She doesn't need six thousand pounds of unnecessary makeup to look beautiful-- a trait that I think everyone wants! :)

    Sarah, I hope that you never lose your photographic talent or your wonderful self-confidence.


    April 7th, 2009

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    mgm photography. says:

    "So sarah's pictures are awesomee! I love looking at them, because the variety is to die for! Some people on flickr always have the same pictures page after page but not sarah, I love her variety and creative flare!

    Also we are odd kids, and we both have learned to accept this! :) Even though she hates most of the food I take pictures of, I still appreciate her honesty!

    Um and I just want to say for the record that I CHERISH every update on my testimonial that Sarah writes. ONE DAY we're going to meet up and sing to NPSH and it's going to be awesome cause I'll have a beard and she'll have a sophisticated side pony tail.

    Oh, and I also love how similar our brains are. I think we both must half one half of the other one's brain in our heads or something. Does that make sense? Probably not.. but anyways. We rule!

    I'm glad we're flickr friends!! :)"

    April 4th, 2009

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    brittneyindie says:

    sarah is ubertastic:

    -her photostream is genius! just look at it!
    -she's way nice (:
    -her photography is awesome.

    therefore, she is totes an amazing person/artist! (:


    March 29th, 2009

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    bejealousofme says:

    "*i wanna be first! haha*
    sarah is awesome at life. i love her

    since i am going around, writing crazy long testimonials for people, sarah is next on my list !!!!

    i started talking to sarah soooo long ago on flickr. i don't even remember how i did.

    i think i had posted a photo on how bad my day was and sarah flickrmailed me and asked if i needed to talk. yes that was it !
    she was full of helpful advice and kind words. soon, we started to flickrmail all day, every day just about everything.

    as a photographer, sarah has really grown. she is becoming more comfortable with herself, which is very hard for teenagers, especially girls to do. i admire her for that.

    her photos make me smile and inspire me. her ideas are original and not one thing in her stream is the same. the self portraits she creates are fantastic and show off how beautiful she is :)

    when she lost power for a few days, a few weeks ago i got so sad. i thought one of my best flickr friends was gone for good! luckily, that wasn't the case. talking to sarah and seeing her photos make my day a little bit better.

    flickr would not be the same without sarah, she should know that :)

    je m'appelle lauren, et je'taime sarah !"

    March 23rd, 2009

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    artsyfartsy :) says:

    "This testimonial is waaaaaaaaay over due, but the important thing is that I finally got my lazy ass to stop procrastinating for five minutes and tell you all how talented and sweet Sarah is.
    Seriously she will probably dominate Flickr, in a matter of five seconds.
    But don't worry, it's something we should all accept, because she's AWESOME, and also accepts Rausie/Bubble relationships.

    You rock girlie ♥"

    March 8th, 2009

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    If i fell... says:

    "i love you so much Sarah :D

    thanks for being so awesome"

    February 27th, 2009

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    allison-wonderland says:

    "i just realized that i never wrote a tastimonial for sarah and that should be a sin. If you look up Sarah in the the dictionary it will probably give you words like freaking beast at life, awesome, amazing, phenomenal and beautiful, duh. It may even play a celestial chorus on that page because she's just so cool. Her pictures never cease to stun me with their beauty and perfection. Sarah always has perfect ideas, angles, lighting and of course, she lives in a beautiful place which just increases her talent (as if she needs that). Anywhooo, i love her, and as of now so do you. now go show it."

    February 3rd, 2009

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    Alex Pennington says:

    "Sarah:) The thing i love must about you, is your passion for photography, it shines through in every picture and because of that all your photos turn out amazing. And your film i love them to pieces.
    Keep up your awesomeness!"

    January 22nd, 2009

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    drab porter says:

    "sarah is truely inspirational to me.
    all her photos are beautiful as well as very expressive.
    i can only wish to evoke such emotion from my own work.
    keep it up :)"

    January 6th, 2009

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    GraceMarie Photography says:

    "oh my gosh! sarahs pictures continue to amazing with every upload on her stream!! they are all so creative and beautiful. you are always sure to find something unique when stumbling upon her pictures :D"

    December 15th, 2008

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    xdesx says:

    "Sarah's. Photos. Kick. Ass. Period.
    I luuuurve her. :]"

    December 2nd, 2008

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    Mary Hare says:

    "What can I say, Sarah's a genius! Her shots are so deep and always have a meaning, I always look forward to see her new pictures! Keep those pictures comin' :)"

    November 30th, 2008

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    michelle.. says:

    "sarah is just about the kindest person ever. she is so damn thoughtful its amazes me. she gives me hope that there are still nice people out there :)
    i just want give a thousand big ass huggels!! :)))
    oh and sarah has yummylicious hair."

    November 29th, 2008

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    Im only sleeping says:

    "ok soo Sarah's UPDATED Testimonial for me was soo freakin awesome so idk how im gonna top it!!! haha soo its my turn

    here it goes!...ha her photos are omg amazing!! ive known her for a while now and its greattt ha we do have fun commenting each other shes the best! everything she uploads in an instant hit!
    shes soo sweet and "uber" SMART (haha that was a quote from you)
    but seriously one of the best flickr friends i have :)
    love your to death :D"

    November 26th, 2008

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    RMBMBMB says:

    "hmm, what can i say. her pictures are just epic!
    i am always searching to see if she has uploaded new pictures!
    she's a true inspiration. being a new young photographer, i can truly say that her pictures will impact me, they are just so so inspiring.
    -on her profile. the pickiest eater? i can put up a good fight for that! hahaha. sarah you are fantastic. well done. and thankyou for inspiring me so. =D"

    November 24th, 2008

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    alexander ward says:

    "She's soooo friendly. You feel like you actually are talking to her, rather than a computer when you write a comment. She's an actual person, not a computer that posts photos. It's all good."

    November 23rd, 2008

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    flightless bird says:

    "amazing. simply amazing"

    November 15th, 2008

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    Kjersti F says:

    "Sarah has a creative, artistic eye for everything around her, which is what makes her photos so captivating. All of her photos are so beautiful, i just can't get over them.

    November 8th, 2008

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    Max and Mummy says:

    "SARAH = personally i think that Sarah is an OSM photographer, she can create a stunning image out of absolutely anything which leave me fascinated. I love watching her 365 develop and grow into something beautiful
    Despite the fact theres 3 years between us and we live in completely different countries we have a similar way of thinking.
    I cant wait to see what she comes up with next :D :) :P :X :? :@ XD

    November 7th, 2008

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    Christopher Setty says:

    "Sarah is awesome! She's always really, really nice, and I love her pictures! All of her nature shots remind me of The Lord of the Rings, which is really good, because number one: I love The Lord of the Rings, and two: Those books and movies do an excelent job of bringing out the beauty in nature, and if sarah can do that too, then that's really saying something : )"

    October 28th, 2008

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    Natalie Franke says:

    "Sarah has an incredible eye for photography & her creativity is fantastic. I can't wait to see all that she has to offer the photographic world! Go Sarah =)"

    October 8th, 2008

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    green trade says:

    "Sarah is the queen of her own game. She's got a great stream here, the photos are all different and I love coming to her stream. The photos are full of naturalness, soft tones, and offer a lot of emotion. Sarah also is a boost for me here on Flickr, her feedback is wonderful and I appreciate it so much! I look forward to seeing her photos in the future, I know she will do beautifully well! :)"

    September 21st, 2008

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    michaelfitzgerald says:

    "sarah's photostream is fun to keep up with. she has amazing pictures, and puts a lot into each and every one. not only is she a good and creative photographer, but she's also a great person. i'm excited to see what else she has for us in the future! keep up the good work sarah! :D"

    August 31st, 2008

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    sunshine doll says:

    "I'm going to be really good friends with Sarah soon X]

    She's sweet and she has a lot of potential. Her pictures are just stunning and she captures things in a brilliant way."

    August 19th, 2008

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