Neil is one of two owners in a boutique commercial photography company named Kremer Johnson Photography. See their work at
They work for selective clients in the advertising and editorial world.

Please don't use Neil's images without permission. If an image is "All rights Reserved," please ask permission.
For commercial use, Neil quotes Hunter S. Thompson:

"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up."

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    jaymcg says:

    "His imagination is only rivaled by his incredible eye for composition. His use of color and tone are exquisite. He takes you on a eye popping journey of his surroundings through his eyes."

    9th May, 2012

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    sjs61 says:

    "First let me say I hate Neil and I am jealous as hell for all the views, comments and favorites he gets!! You people should be looking at my stuff instead!! Now that I got that out Neil's work is so deserving of all the attention it receives. He works his butt off traveling to exciting spots and then processing for hours to achieve that level of perfection you see on each and every image. I am proud to call him a friend and hope someday to get to his PS skill level. Check him out, I know you won't be sorry that you did!"

    17th March, 2012

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    Teo Morabito says:

    "Your work is sublime !"

    25th December, 2011

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    Adam-Tolle says:

    "When I first created a Flickr and wasn't a great photographer, Neil was a guy I came across on here and loved his work first sight. His HDR is truly amazing and has a crazy eye in visioning things that you don't think are possible to photograph. Neil actually inspired me to start using HDR. I loved his processing so much I wanted to get mine just like his the first couple months, of my beginner years in photography. The guys amazing thats all I have to say. I still visit his photostream almost daily to check out his newest uploads. Each other day he'll upload a new shot and they seem to get better and better each time. Neil, YOU ROCK MAN!! :)"

    22nd December, 2011

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    tattoogirl12 says:

    "Neil rocks. He does everything better than you do. Neil is like Superman, minus the tights."

    7th September, 2011

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    Paulie M2010 says:

    "Neil is on a mission to lift the mist and let us see how we should all view the world.Through clever use of "HDR" techniques he succeeds very effectively in accomplishing this."

    21st July, 2011

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    Tom Lussier Photography says:

    "Neil's images are an inspiration. His compositional and artistic prowess is complimented so well with his processing skills that push the boundaries of HDR and blending. I am so glad I found his work here on Flickr! Keep it up my man! :)"

    14th July, 2011

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    Kremer Johnson Photography says:

    "This cat can HDR some stuff...."

    25th May, 2011

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    airbutchie says:

    "One of the best HDR post work I've seen... Truly a gifted artist... Keep'em coming Neil..."

    26th April, 2011

Neil Kremer
September 2010
Rochester, NY
Los Angeles, CA, USA
I am:
Male and Taken
Commercial Photographer
Kremer Johnson Photography