My name is Ned, and I like to take photos.


I have an eclectic taste and will take a photo of almost anything, some of my photos are great, and some others are pretty bad, but I post them all here(minus close duplicates anyway).


I used travel for my job with a software company, so it often allowed me the opportunity to see some random places that I definitely wouldn't get to on any normal trip I take for a vacation. Fargo where Roger Maris was born and is buried is not exactly a hot vacation spot, neither is Newcomerstown Ohio where Cy Young was born and is buried a few towns over. I am thankful to have had such a great job that allowed me the ability to see so much of our country and take photos of it that I can share with you.


I have always liked taking pictures and used to get them on CD when I got my film developed. It was only a couple years got my first digital camera which was promptly stolen a few months later at a party, I don't think I ever even copied a photo off the card that was in it.


I then got my first nice digital camera, a Fuji FinePix S20-Pro. I love that camera but it broke when it fell off a shelf. It took great photos and was very reliable, it's a wannabe SLR based on shape and feel, but functions like a regular point and shoot. It has add on zoom and macro lenses, but still wasn't quite the same as an actual dSLR.


I then picked up a simple Kodak C743 point and shoot pocket sized camera, much easier for travel and more spontaneous photo taking.


Then fall of 2007, after much research and decision making, I bought my Canon 40D and love it!! It takes amazing quality photos and the 28-135mm lens is a great all purpose lens, I will be adding a zoom and a macro at some point, but that is down the road. I did rent a 100-400mm lens when I went on a trip once, and I was in love!


While I wish I could own a 100-400mm lens that I rented, I settled on a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 with Image Stabilization. It is a great lens for the price paid for it, I think it was right around $500 when I bought it brand new. The speed is nice, there is very little noise and the small size compared to other 300+mm lenses is a huge benefit.


I have also gotten a remote shutter for the camera, I went all out and picked up a Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3. I love it!! The options it has are super fun with multi-stop capability, timer capability, and time lapse capability, along with long exposure, and you can combine pretty much all of these together in almost any combination you want. The cord is only 3 feet long, but with the options it has, you can walk away with no problem.


I also have a monopod walking stick that I use, and was given a manfrotto topper that I put on it to allow for angles and other adjustments that most tripods offer, whereas the monopod was only a single fixed mounting screw on the top.


I have since updated my 40D to a paid of 60D, I usually put my 28-135 lense on one and either a wide angle 11-20 or my telephoto 70-300 on the other depending on where I am so I don't need to swap lenses as often.


I know some of my pictures are quirky, but hey, isn't that what taking pictures is all about?

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