I am the "local photographer" of my own life. These are the "VANISHING MEMORIES." of BARNEYKIN.


She can shoot anything with a 'point and shoot' camera that anyone else can, and then some. (Now she mostly uses iPhone X.)


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*As of September 2007, I have now uploaded 4,600 of my photographs to Flickr. They have been viewed almost 50,000 times. To date I have found twelve in Explore. I have also posted other photographs at Picasa Web Albums: My Picasa World.


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I am very grateful for invitations to join various Flickr groups, however, I find Flickr so addictive that I try to limit myself. If I do not join your group, please do not take offense. I am honored also when you add me to your contact list, which tells me that you enjoy my pictures.


My Usual Cameras: Before December 2004, Canon A-1 SLR; after December 2004, Sony DSC P-92; after May 2006, Sony DSC-W100; after November 22, 2007, Canon PowerShot SD870 IS; after July 4, 2010: Canon PowerShot SX210 IS. Sometime since I started using my Sony SLT-A55V exclusively with an occasional photo from my iPhone5. Since December 2017, I am mostly using iPhone X.



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