All my photos are currently in Creative Commons with the option "Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works." So you cannot modify my photos or use them to make money without my permission. For a non-commercial purpose, you are welcome to use them as long as you provide a link to the original photo page on Flickr. As an amateur photographer, I basically love to see my work in unexpected places, and I don't regard it as a "commercial use" just because your personal blog has some advertisements. To make my point clearer, I'm providing some examples that I'm happy or unhappy with:

These pages make me proud and happy:

I really liked the humor in the display by Project Compost at UC Davis. Looks like this blogger liked it, too. Happy composting!

Thanks to Google Chrome's built-in translator, I was able to figure out that this is about a community magazine for Dutch speakers in Algarve region of Portugal looking for writers familiar with the region. I'm glad to see Jester chosen as an example of a desirable informant about fun activities in the area. He certainly is an expert on finding fun things to do.

These pages make me sad:

Hey, Gizmodo, I believe you are a commercial website, and you are not supposed to modify my photos. He doesn't speak like that!

No comment on or interest in the painting event, no link to the original photo page--just plenty of ads. I believe this is another perfect example of a commercial usage.

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    a-birdie says:

    "wabisabi2015 is a brilliant photographer of cats and nature. His photos have a story-like quality, and to my way of thinking, belong in a book.. ..or a series of books! You are really drawn into the lives of his cats and want to explore the great natural world side by side with them."

    October 11th, 2006

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