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I'm teaching Anthropology at American University in Cairo. My research, as you can see in many of these photos, has to do with Sufism in West Africa.

Here's my personal research web site:

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You're probably wondering what "nebedaay" means. It's a Wolof name for a tree whose small, round leaves are cooked in many parts of Africa in a sauce. Its name derives from the English word "never die," I'm told because it is supposed to confer long life and health. (Wolof purists insist on calling it "saab-saab" to avoid the foreign word.) Nebedaay sauce with millet couscous happens to be my favorite Senegalese dish, a fact that many Senegalese find amusing because it's assumed to be a peasant dish that urban people avoid at all costs (or at least mask with copious amounts of meat, which I think ruins the dish).

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Joseph Hill
September 2008
Cairo, Egypt
I am:
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, American University in Cairo