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    John Goldsmith says:

    "I have been watching bitmpr’s work for more than a year and I am continually impressed. There are a number of his images that are permanently fused into my long-term memory. From photograph to photograph, his stream flows seamlessly with quality -- there is not one wasted slot. He even incorporates kids without making cheesy images. He is the kind of photographer (and father) I hope to be."

    31st October, 2007

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    lenskap says:

    "Bitmapr makes pictures.bitmapr makes pictures i remember.bitmapr has taken lots of pictures.i try and remember them all!"

    21st April, 2007

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    shveckle says:

    "bitmapr is one of my favorite photographers on flickr, he is both modest and self confident and his images show that. I like all his photos, whether of his family, photos of parties, street photos, etc. They all are exemplary."

    25th January, 2007

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    Willpower says:

    "What I love most about this dude's work is that he really goes for it. Every time he takes a picture, he is going for THE picture. And know what? He gets it more often than most of us."

    22nd October, 2006

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    3 Stars says:

    "I can't go a day without seeing a bitmapr picture. He seems to live and breathe photography and continues to inspire me to try new things and take more pictures.

    Always refreshing."

    30th August, 2006

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    Bryan.Formhals says:

    "every image makes an impression. this is one stream that'll make you love photography even more than you probably already do..."

    24th August, 2006

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    elfis gallery says:

    "viewing te photos of bitmapr is alwas a great pleasure..
    my favorites of bitmapr are the wonderful shadow-series, where his great skill to abstract combines with a fascinating view for situations and light"

    29th July, 2006

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    a big misunderstanding says:

    "There's not much I find more soothing than watching a long slow slideshow of bitmapr's geometry. Bitmapr's taught me that I love that genre, and that I should persue it more."

    7th July, 2006

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    razorbern says:


    6th April, 2006

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    nils_asdf says:

    "well, i think i just dig this guy. there are plenty of themes from minimal to landscape to portrait and back to architecture.
    it's like racing; constant lap times makes you a winner, but this is not racing, this is photography. it's the search for the right frame, light, moment, composition and colour ... and Naveen is really good at it.


    6th April, 2006

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    Tal Bright says:

    "bitmapr has some unique abstract compositions, I'm especially drawn to his minimalist photos :)"

    4th April, 2006

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    striatic says:

    "i think that bitmapr takes minimalist photography to another level.

    keeping it fresh and interesting so consistently is a real talent, one that not many possess.

    and to think that he does this while managing to keep my inbox clean!

    wotta' fella'."

    31st March, 2006

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    Robert Tilman says:

    "Naveen's tuned eye consistently picks out amazing lines and contrasts of interest.

    As though many of his titles suggest, it is as though he is aware of a much larger set of dimensions which he can wield to compose grandiose images of simple subjects.

    His eye for minimalist quality is what drew me to his photographs and his scientific sense of humor has kept me coming back as well. Looking through his sets it is apparent he shows mastery of many genres of imagery of which he seems to add to daily.

    A key stream on Flickr in my book.

    - Robert"

    30th March, 2006

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    artelisa says:

    "the captivating and distinctive style of bitmapr's minimalist and abstract work makes me often speechless.
    instead of long descriptions just a few 'catchwords':
    high aestethics impact, powerful and strong colors, clear and strictly compositions, ... and by all that a loving eye for his surroundings: don't miss his wonderful children-portraits."

    27th March, 2006

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    _namtaf_ says:

    "special bitmap monster"

    12th March, 2006

Naveen Jamal
February 2005