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Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

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    mahudhee says:

    "ramadan mubarak"

    September 1st, 2008

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    Easa Shamih (iZZo) | P.h.o.t.o.g.r.a.p.h.y says:

    "Nattu, the guy who introduce me to Flickr. Thank U Nattu.
    I'm really very happy to see your wonderful & great work. Some of your Photography are speechless, outstanding, superB, awesome... just enjoy every moment watching your Photostream. Hope u will continue ur work, such that we will always be able to see ur great work of Photography. Through ur Photography, Honestly I'm able to learn alot. Thats make u special in Flickr :) TC bro."

    July 12th, 2008

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    Afey Haneef says:

    "Outstading photographer and Web Developer.. You know.. i've always been a fan of you.. great guy.. :D"

    April 6th, 2008

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    pea2wenty3 says:

    "Nattu pattu is one of da sweetest and caring human being I have ever met..
    We met through flikr - facebook, after that in msn.
    A gr8 friend to talk with…he took me to a foto shoot at Hulhumale… was like an adventure to me..i luv every single shot he took infront of me and myself.. learnd new things from him.. (1oQ SO MUCH DEAR)had lotsa fun and I still owe him an adventure like dat.. lol
    On top of that he is such a creative person!!
    His creativity and beauty blow me away. I am so blessed to call him a friend.
    He has great instincts for photography…I love the evolution that's occurring not only in quality of the ideas and photo skills, but in the obvious confidence of self….
    Keep it up nattupattuuuu my blessings are with u.. :)"

    January 21st, 2008

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    Millzero Photography says:

    "Nattu... NA2

    When i first came to the world of flickr, He was the person here with a golden heart of photography. I guess i don't really know what i am saying... its something like the rule of golden triangle...

    Bro you Rock"

    June 25th, 2007

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    thundho - nadu - andhu says:

    "He was the first to comment on a picture of mine and made me aware of something i never really noticed before. his criticism made me want to improve more and strive to make my work better. thanks nattu u are truly one great dude."

    June 25th, 2007

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    heuristicideas says:

    "he got nice pictures...and as Obofili says one of the best maldivian photographer"

    May 17th, 2007

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    simply special says:

    "Nattu....what can I say.

    For someone who's still a baby at heart he has an amazing creative spark, his photos are always super......he has a huge amount of creative flare and i'm sure he will go far with his photography, the sky is really the limit.

    Well done bugger!!


    April 28th, 2007

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    famous teaching says:

    "Nattu is one of the first people I met here.
    Today, how long I haven't seen his photos, but now i have seen them again, and I wondered (Really is there a paradise?) Surely, there is a paradise, and surely, it will be behind Nattu's Photos.
    Surpriseeee! You don't wait for this :P"

    October 1st, 2006

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    Obofili says:

    "One of the best Photographers ive ever met.
    an outstanding creative mind he got + he's a nice guy with a nice attitude."

    June 10th, 2006

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