nathaniel hayag is a self-schooled getty images® photographer based in singapore and manila. he is credited as one of asia's finest photographers by photogasia.


versatile in style with a natural eye for colour, tone and composition. he has been endowed with numerous national art awards in oil and charcoal painting back in his younger years in manila, philippines.


ever since he got his first dslr camera back in december 2008, he has put his paintbrush down and turned every ounce of his creativity to photography.


he currently enjoys street, travel and infrared photography, and is inspired by artists such as philip-lorca dicorcia, rarindra prakarsa, christophe agou, danny santos ii, tommy oshima, nils jorgensen, edwin martinez, karlo reyes, emmanuel te, michael kenna, joel tjintjelaar and dibyo gahari.




Notable Flickr photographers I look up to:

Nils Jorgensen

Tommy Oshima

Roe Empleo

Rui Rui

Danny Santos

Manolo Santos

Noor Iskandar


James Yeung


Alistaire Ong

Jennifer Su

Ericson Matias


Dom Cruz



*** Please take time to visit their Photostream. I'm sure you're gonna love it!



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  • OccupationNuclear Medicine Technologist
  • HometownMetro Manila, Philippines
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