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  • chaos by jusnyce
  • Blazing Sunset (Pioneer Basin - crop) by Buck Forester
  • Glacier Water, Second Lake by Buck Forester
  • holiday cards by SouleMama

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    jusnyce says:

    "although I have never actually witnessed a person who lacks the ability or the want to use his/her eyes to take a picture, I am certain that after forcing myself to lose myself in nate23's sea of slop, he must be blind. I am much like you, the viewer, in a sense that we would rather watch two bald hamsters hump themselves than curse our corneas while 'enjoying' nate23's toxic tonic. However, tis a guilty pleasure to lay eyes onto such horrid excuses for creativity. And, alas, guilty pleasures are the exact cause of my severe hair loss and incredible rapid, yet sensual weight gain. rot in hell sir."

    December 29th, 2006

Nate Fuller
April 2005
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