Born in Germany to Ghanaian natives, Nancee has lived in Germany, Ghana and America. Now based in London, Nancee starts of her solo career and showcases her vocal and song writing talents with her debut album Every Step of the Way. This independent release was produced by longtime partner Rejazz, who is also featured on a track. Through this crossover album, Nancee hopes that people’s hearts will be touched. Her vibrant nature is evident throughout the album which portrays a diverse musical background of R&B and Pop songs. The diversity of styles coupled with genuine, intimate and uplifting messages is what makes the album unique. From the ballad Don’t give up on me to the socially critiquing R&B tune Upgrade, the artist puts her heart and soul in every song. When asked what can be expected of the album, Nancy is upfront: “Sincerity. In my quest to make the best of this thing called life, listeners will come on a spiritual journey with me which will hopefully touch their souls.”

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December 2011
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