Nana Gouvea is a Brazilian beauty whose career spans television, film and modeling. Born in Jatai, a small town in midwest Brazil, where her father was a civil lawyer and mother a homemaker, she has one sister and one brother.

Nana was discovered at age 10, by a modeling agency scout who spotted her while she was shopping with her mom. And thus began a successful career in modeling for some of Brazil's most well known brands. By the age of 17 she appeared in commercials for top products such as Ellus, Forum, Alpargatas, De Millus, Zoomp, among others. From elementary school through high school, Nana traveled to Sao Paolo, a 6 hour bus trip and Rio 14 hours away for modeling jobs, but that never dissuaded her from her studies and after graduating High School, she was college bound.

At 17 after a short marriage that produced her two beloved daughters Dafhynie (b.1992) and Angel (b. 1993) she moved to Rio; the babies stayed living with her mother; where she attended the prestigious university, "Faculdade da Cidade," majoring in acting. Although at the time Nana was considered one of Rio's top models, she was determined to transition into acting. In college her professors recognizing her diverse range suggested she for various acting roles. And before long she was landing principal parts in a slew of well-known TV shows, a necessity as she was the sole support of her children.

After college her acting career really took off: highlights include starring in "Pantera do Faustao" in TV Globo (1996); presented on "Domingo Milionario" appeared on TV Manchete (1997), where she was a regular star on "Banheira do Gugu" on SBT (1998-99) starred in the soap operas "Bicho do Mato" for TV Record (2006). In 2008 she did "Faca a sua Historia" (TV Globo) and "Lendas Urbanas," on SBT. More recently, in April 2011, Nana starred in the popular soap, "Araguaia" for TV Globo. In addition she starred in many of TV Globo's network specials such as "Amigos," "Megaton" and "SOS Emergencia." And in March 2011 Nana made her theater debut in Rio in a new musical version of the classic Greek comedy "Lysistrata," where she played two characters, demonstrating talents not only in acting but in singing and dancing as well. Conspiracao Filmes produced TV special "True Stories" about beautiful women which Nana was one of the main stars. The program was made for E Entertainment Television and broadcast internationally and in the USA. It aired in 2010. That year Nana also starred in a popular sitcom "Vendemos Cadeiras" and was a judge in the reality show "Casa Bonita" on the Multishow Network.

With this substantial body of work, it's no surprise that Nana has become one of Brazil's most recognized personalities. She was named Carnival Queen 13 times in Rio, a record. She has also graced the cover and pages of Brazilian Playboy numerous times.

In the fall of 2011, Nana's life and career pivoted to New York City, when she met and married Red Entertainment Agency President Carlos Keyes. Today with her two grown daughters (who she misses dearly) attending college in Rio, Nana has become a New Yorker and an adoring new stepmom to Carlos' three young children.

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